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Club & Hotel Letoonia Fethiye
Fethaye, Mugla Province
00902 526144966
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Holiday At Letoonia Club & Hotel, Fethiye, Turkey.

Published On Sunday 6 Nov 2016 by Sticky Beak
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Never more have I ever wanted to be somewhere else in the world than I do right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my home, it is my sanctuary, but looking out of the office window now all I can see is a dreary grey sky and the temperature is a less-than-stellar 8C.

Less than a week ago my little flock and I were soaking up temperatures of 28C, looking up at azure blue, cloudless skies from our hammocks and the hardest decision we had to make was what cocktail to have.

We had booked a sunshine week away in Turkey for the half term week, probably along with half the families in the UK, and were looking forward to it as we had been to Turkey twice previously.

Instead of booking a hotel in Side we decided to try a different town and plumped for Fethiye, and the glorious looking Letoonia Club and Hotel which is located on its own private peninsula.

As soon as our taxi brought us to reception there was gentleman ready to take our suitcases up to our allocated room, 1210.

The lady on reception swiftly took us through the check in procedure and gave us a map of the resort and a brief overview of where to grab a snack (it was 11.15pm when we arrived, and the main evening meal service was long over).

The plan was just to dump our luggage and head out to explore but when we stepped inside our room we all paused to take it in. The room itself was pretty sizeable, along with the huge wardrobe (complete with heavyweight, fluffy robes and slippers) and shower that accommodated all three of us with room to twirl around!!

We opened the doors onto our balcony with its pool, gardens and sea view and just took in the dramatic shadows of the mountains in the distance. Yep, life at Letoonia was looking good so far :)

My tummy rumbled, reminding us all of the evenings mission; operation refuel. We headed out of the Hotel along the path and our nostrils were filled with the wonderful scent of Jasmine and Bougainvillaea as we strolled along. Ornate lamps provided more than adequate illumination and we could appreciate the numerous shrubs and flowers in borders than were either side of the pathways.

After literally a 5 minute poddle we arrived at the Likya Restaurant that had counter after counter of salads and cold meats to help ourselves too, a small selection of desserts and numerous types of fresh fruit to choose from.

Everything was lovely and fresh, and given the standard, we had high hopes for breakfast the next morning. Suitably refuelled we carried on into the resort and arrived in the main square a couple of minutes later.

Finding a seat was no problem, there were numerous areas to go to which were all served by the same large bar. The square had a lovely buzz to it with plenty of laughter and chatter going on, and a band was providing some easy listening music to enjoy.

After a very restful night’s  sleep in the wonderfully comfy beds we were wide awake bright and early to appreciate the birds chirruping away and to see the mist clinging to the low level ground in the distance.

In no time at all we were washed, dressed and ready for breakfast, so we retraced our steps to the Likya restaurant and took in the vast array of counters laden with every type of breakfast provision you could possibly want.

There were cereals of every description, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, fruit compotes, local honey (with and without nuts), ridiculous amounts of fruit juices and fresh fruits and a hot counter that did pancakes, eggs of every sort, as well as a selection of pastries and breads.

The only thing a Brit would noticeably miss would be the Bacon and Sausage, but there was an extensive choice of cold continental meats to have instead. Typically, my little flock put a serious amount of grub away, necessitating a second trip to the counters!

We spent the morning exploring the resort; there were three beaches to relax on in traditional loungers, suspended recliners, or hammocks if you preferred.

Even along the paved beachfront areas there were loungers available to use, so that in peak summer season I would imagine finding somewhere to catch the rays wouldn’t be a hassle. Young children had separate pools with dinky slides in, as well as numerous other pools scattered around for kids of all ages to have fun in. We noticed a kids club with staff doing games and activities with the children; after all, sometimes parents need a bit of sanity time to read a book or have a drink in peace!

Every member of staff we encountered on our exploratory ramble was lovely and friendly, either smiling or verbally greeting us.

Our first experience of lunch was also very positive; we returned to the Likya restaurant as it is on our way back to the hotel. The Chick and I were both won over by the Cauliflower fritters; absolutely delicious and great with the fresh yoghurt and mint dip on offer. We piled up our plates with delicious fresh salads and The Man tucked into some juicy grilled chicken with rice salad.

The hammocks on Marina beach were beckoning so that’s where we spent our first lazy afternoon, just swaying gently as we listened to the sea lapping on the sand. We couldn’t resist the clear blue waters of the sea and soon found shoals of small fish swimming in there with us, darting this way and that, casting splashes of light like diamonds as they swam. It was soon time to head back to our superb room and get ready for dinner; that evening we were booked in for the Kebab (Turkish) a la carte restaurant, and you can read the separate review for that.

We headed out into Fethiye itself the next morning for one of our favourite experiences, the Turkish Hammam. You can read the review about Sultan Hamam, Fethiye by clicking here

Being scrubbed, exfoliated and oil massaged to within an inch of total heaven had worked up an appetite in all of us; so grilled Fish and Chicken, fresh salads and rice and amazing stuffed breads soon got demolished by the Flock. 

It’s hungry work all this relaxation and pampering y’know! Again we found the hammocks at Marina beach too much to resist and passed a beautiful sunny afternoon in their comfort.

The odd glass of lager and fruit cocktails may also have been indulged in *ahem*. After another delicious dinner we headed up to the main square and into the Amphitheatre to watch the evenings show “Tarzan and Jane” done brilliantly by the marvellous entertainments team.

There is a great atmosphere in the square at night as well as in the daylight hours, and we were chattering nonstop about what a great day we’d had as we made our way back “home”.

The shows were fantastic all week, with themes such as “Ghoul night” (which featured a brilliant rendition of Michael Jacksons iconic Thriller routine), “Circus” and “Bollywood”. There was plenty of opportunity for audience participation, and every country was given a shout out by the two hilariously funny M.Cs.

Every show began by celebrating the winners of the day’s competitions, from tiny tots up to the adults which we all thought was lovely.

The costumes, sets and dance routines were slick and very professional, certainly the joint best I’ve witnessed in my years of travel (Disney is always phenomenal as well).

I should mention the housekeeping staff too, as our room was always kept immaculate (no mean feat with a style conscious teen in the room). Wherever we’ve travelled in the world, the housekeeping staff have definitely been the unsung heroes of our stay, and it was most certainly the case at Letoonia Club and Hotel.

Each day we would return to our room to find some wonderful towel sculpture and a plethora of fresh flowers on our beds, the bathroom would be positively sparkling and restocked with toiletries and all of the clutter and clothes that had been discarded on the floor were magically folded up or put on hangers and stored back where they should be.

Whenever we passed our lovely lady she would smile at us and say “hello” (along with “thank you” this was the extent of her English) and reward us with her lovely smile.

Equally, the reception team were always on hand to deal with any queries professionally and efficiently.

Sometimes The Man bird wished they would be a bit less efficient so that he could savour the Turkish delight out on trays in reception a bit longer! We were treated to several different flavours of this delicacy throughout our stay, and they were absolutely delicious; the Mint version was the perfect mouth refresher at any time of day.

We really didn’t want to come home, and had the school term not been restarting the following week, I would seriously have considered extending our stay, something I have never done before. Turkey and its people is a wonderful place to visit, we’ve never had a bad experience wherever we’ve stayed, but next time we go back it will definitely be to Letoonia Club and Hotel, Fethiye.

On previous holidays we have booked with Thomas Cook and Thomson, but this time we went with Jet2 holidays, and you can read my separate review of them by clicking here.

Thank you Letoonia Club and Hotel, Fethiye, Turkey for making our family holiday such a marvellous, memorable time :)

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