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A Flock Sunday Lunch At The Dining Room at 121, Derby
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Disclosure Regarding Incentives

Disclosure - No Incentive Provided

If a review has been marked as 'No Incentive Provided' then this means I have fully funded the cost of the visit myself.

All my reviews are written in the same way, I only publish reviews if the overall experience has been positive and the venue is somewhere I would feel comfortable to recommend to other people. All of the reviews are honest, fun and emphasize the positive aspects of the visit.

I will only state if an incentive has been received, I won't disclose the incentive as I don't feel that is relevant. The incentives vary from a free coffee or dessert to a discount voucher or even the full cost of the meal. I do not accept any payment either to visit a venue or to write a review.

For more information please read my full disclosure statement

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