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What A Start To 2022 - The Blogs Busiest Month Ever

Published On Sunday 2 Jan 2022 by Sticky Beak
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The Man Bird has just finished collating the statistics for 2021 and we ended the year on a high....a 13,000+ visitors to the site in December high!!!! To say I was delirious with joy is an understatement; so excited was I that I let out one of my unique, eardrum piercing squeals of delight! So, again, massive thanks to all of you that continue to read the reviews and to the venues that invite us along.

Another thing that changed as the year drew to a close was the Number One spot for most-read review.  This had been held for quite some time by the same eaterie, but our visit to Tipu Sultan in Sherwood during December 2021 certainly caught the imagination of you all. In just a small amount of time this review had received more than 3,000 reads – and it’s still going strong!

So come on, 2022, let’s see what you’re going to bring!! Happy New Year everyone!

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