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Derbyshire Pub And Restaurant Seeks Identity Of Skeleton

Published On Wednesday 5 Dec 2018 by Sticky Beak
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One of Derbyshire’s oldest pubs, which dates back to the 11th century is on the hunt for help to solve the mystery of a skeleton rumoured to have been found in its ancient tunnels.

Aside from its quality food and comfortable surroundings, there’s another aspect of Pesto at the Peacock that draws people in – its history.   The Inn has been the centre of many stories over the centuries, including ghostly happenings, visits by Dick Turpin and even a plot to free Mary Queen of Scots from Wingfield Manor.  

But in one such story, there remains a mystery and that is the identity of a skeleton found in the Inn’s historic cellar during the last century.   It is believed that the skeleton was found in the maze of tunnels beneath the landmark building in Oakerthorpe.  

Today a replica of the skeleton can be seen through a glass panel in the floor of the restaurant that reveals the dark passageway that goes deep beneath the ground.  

The General Manager Russell Bennett comments “people come from miles around to peer into the cellar and see the skeleton.  What is interesting is the same comment crops up time and time again that this is in fact connected to a real skeleton discovery.”  

Russell adds “Sadly I am unable to answer the most frequent of these questions and that who was he? So we are going out to the local community, historian and anyone else with information to help us find out who this person was”

Anyone with any information about the identity of the skeleton can visit the Peacock’s Facebook and Instagram pages and add any links, comments or information that might help Russell in his quest. “We know Dick Turpin stayed here, we know about the plot to free Mary Queen of Scots, but we really would like to know much more about our skeleton if we can” added Russell.

People with information can go to Pestorestaurants.co.uk or Facebook.com/Pestorestaurants to share their stories and help Russel with his quest.

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