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Stacey's Bakery Rolls Into The Future With New Online Ordering Website

Published On Wednesday 6 Jun 2018 by Sticky Beak
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Derbyshire based Stacey’s Bakery has future-proofed itself for the next 100 years, investing in a new website and online ordering system, making it even easier and quicker to get your hands on its tasty offerings.

The traditional family bakery has taken a step ahead of the market and set up the online ordering system in a bid to stand out from its competition. During the quiet January period, owner David Stacey began thinking about the year ahead and driving the business forward.
“Thinking ahead to the summer, or all year around in fact, it can be hard to predict what to bake on a day to day basis.” said David.
“Especially with the great British weather, do people want bread buns for BBQ season, or comfort food to enjoy when hiding from the rain?”
By offering the full range online, customers can now be guaranteed to get what they want when they want it, and Stacey’s can reduce waste along with guaranteeing sales.
“Stacey’s have a huge range of products, that can’t all be displayed in the shop.” explained David, “I wanted to come up with an easy way for customers to get anything they wanted from our range, without being disappointed or limited to what was on offer that day in store.”
“It’s now easy for customers to do that, sometimes they used to ring and ask for bulk orders, now it’s just a click of a button. We have the capacity to bake as much as we need to meet demand, the problem is we don’t have the space in the shop to display it, being online eliminates that problem.”
By introducing the online system, David Stacey has brought the bakery up to speed, incorporating modern technology without losing any of the personal and traditional touch that Stacey’s is known for.
David added, “It’s the modern way and we need to move with the times. The online shop isn’t there to replace our high street stores though, we are one of the few family bakers left and we still want a presence in the town centres; the online shop provides an add on service, enhancing what we already do.”
The launch of the new website means Stacey's can take your order online and have it freshly baked and ready for you to pick up the next day. Orders placed before midnight will be ready for collection by 10am the next day at your selected store -Stacey’s has two shops in Ilkeston, as well as stores in Heanor and Eastwood.
There will be some online exclusive products too such as brioche buns which are set to be popular this year. Stacey’s will also offer a wider dessert range online with items including a sharing size cherry and almond tart.
The website has many great features including: best sellers, breakfast bites and celebration cakes. There’s even an under 400 calories section for those looking for something a little more on the healthy side.
A panel of industry experts at the Europain bakery trade show in France early this year discussed how online ordering systems were set to transform the future of the bakery market. They outlined the benefits of companies selling online and through apps, with one expert commenting, “The way the world is going, and technology evolving, the younger generation wants to do things quicker.”
“With technology constantly making serious advances, it comes as no surprise that it’s making its way into the baking industry. Everyone nowadays wants everything made quicker and easier for them, therefore introducing online ordering systems for bakeries could start to change the way that the bakery market is affected.”
Stacey’s website is easy to use, a simple click on the product of choice and you can easily add this to your basket. It also gives you all the handy allergen information and the chance to read other customer reviews.
Check out the website here: www.staceysbakery.co.uk


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