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New Vineyard Expansion Land and a Share Scheme for Winebuffs!

Published On Wednesday 15 May 2013 by Sticky Beak
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We report two new developments at Amber Valley Wines that mark an exciting turning point in the business.

Firstly, Amber Valley Wines (AVW) are excited to announce that they will be expanding their vineyard planting at Doehole, Ashover Parish Derbyshire, after acquiring the adjacent land. The new two-acre site will complement their existing two-acre site. AVW vine plantings will by mid 2014 cover two sides of the beautiful Lindway Valley at Doehole, making what we believe will be one of the most scenic vineyards in the Midlands. One or two grape varieties will occupy the new sunny and sheltered southeast-facing slope.  Ground preparations will begin later this year.

Secondly, AVW will launch their ‘Equity for Winebuffs’ scheme at the Derbyshire Food and Drink Fair at Elvaston Castle, Derbyshire this coming weekend 18th and 19th May; offering fans of English wine the opportunity of owning and investing in an English vineyard. AVW will offer for sale 2,000 Class B shares in the company that will repay our investors in generous dividends of wine.

Barry Lewis, Director and partner in AVW said:

“We see this as an exciting crowd funding opportunity for people to be a part of making this business a success in an era when traditional financing opportunities, such as bank loans are few and far between. We really have put our money where our mouths are with Amber Valley Wines so far, by buying land, planting vines and advancing our plans for a winery.”

The bank beating idea will pave the way for AVW to buy or lease more land beyond 2014, plant thousands more vines and advance their winery plans – what they hope will be Derbyshire’s first estate winery.

AVW Partner Duncan Mercer added:

“Vineyards require considerable investment in cash and hard graft, for little return in the early years but we believe we’ve laid the foundations for a sustainable and thriving business that will provide a great and enjoyable return for our investors.

This gives investors a unique opportunity to own part of a vineyard for a time and see a real and unique return on their investment”

In what is believed to be first for an UK vineyard the cost of each share will be £75 and will yield the investor up to 18 bottles of wine over time (dependent upon wine choices, i.e. sparkling or still whites or Rose). People even have the option to design their own label and so these shares would make a fantastic gift or be great for impressing your dinner guests!

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