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Temperance Spirit Company
Skipton, North Yorkshire
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Trying Out A Teetotal Cuba Libre From The Temperance Spirit Company

Published On Tuesday 14 Aug 2018 by Sticky Beak
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One fab thing to come out of this scorching summer is the opportunity to sit out in the garden watching the sunset, drink in hand. Unfortunately in such extreme heat as we’ve been experiencing, alcohol is not our bodies’ friend. We need to be keeping hydrated, not stressing our bodies with what it perceives to be a toxin needing water to be flushed out!

Thankfully there is a way to cheat the system and it’s all thanks to the clever peeps at The Temperance Spirit Company. This company produces a fab range of alcohol-free tipples that deliver on taste 100%, and they kindly sent me a couple of varieties to try; Teetotal G n T and Cuba Libre.

I have tried the Teetotal G n T before, and can assure you that you don’t miss the alcohol at all; it has all the flavour of botanicals commonly used in Gin making, a nice effervescence in the mouth, and a clean finish on the palate.

Both The Man Bird and I were curious as to how the Cuba Libre would measure up (no pun intended) against its Gin-less G n T cousin in the taste stakes. I poured the bottle over slices of fresh Lime and plenty of ice, sat down and took my first sip. Impressed, very impressed. It had a nice deep flavour to it thanks to the quality cola component and it wasn’t too sweet due to the lime juice within it.

Best of all though it seemed to have that rich spice element, along with honey and vanilla tones, that better quality rums have; you know, the ones that give you that hint of warmth at the back of the throat? Yep, we even got that effect!

A top mark again to The Temperance Spirit Company team, your Cuba Libre is a bobby dazzler. Any designated driver or alcohol abstainer certainly wouldn’t feel left-out drinking this in social environments.