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Trying Out The Brownies From Woods Brownie Co.

Published On Friday 3 Dec 2021 by Sticky Beak
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Kenneth and Ashleigh from Woods Brownie Co. tempted me with their wares at the Fine Food North show – who can resist a Brownie? Not me, for sure!! I couldn’t resist Kenny’s joie-de-vivre either as he took me on a taste journey of all his ultra-gooey, cocoa-rich types of Brownie.

The Classic Belgian Chocolate type was swoon-inducing, as was the Salted Caramel variety; I loved the gentle tang on my tongue from the sea salt. Hazelnuts provided a great textural element and colour contrast to the Nut Brownie, rather than just flavour, and I revelled in their crunch.

As a Derbyshire gal, I got the usual ‘touch of cynicisms’ when I heard Kenny utter the words “like a Bakewell Tart”; after all, how often do we hear that said about our beloved, iconic sweet treat? I have to say though, Ashleigh and Kenny have done us proud with this particular brownie; Cocoa aside, the fruit component came through clearly thanks to the Sour Morello Cherry in the mix and Almonds provided the typical Frangipane notes.

As more of a Bakewell Pudding than Tart fan, I didn’t miss the sweet Icing element at all and, to be honest, the brownie mix was all the sweetness required. If you like fruitiness in your brownies then you’ve GOT to sample the Woods Brownies Co.’s Valencia Orange offering – it is the bomb! You can thank me later.

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