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Original, Tea & Lavender Gins From Mason's Gin

Published On Monday 4 Jun 2018 by Sticky Beak
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As well as food, The Man Bird and I are rather partial to a tipple or two on occasion. Lady Luck shone across our path again at the Fine Food Show North at Harrogate and we were introduced to the Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin team. Originally launched (auspiciously) on World Gin Day in 2013 by husband and wife team Karl and Cathy Mason, the first batch of Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin sold out in a matter of days.

Since its humble beginnings the brand has gone from strength to award winning strength. The core range comprises The Original, the Tea Edition, the Lavender Edition, and Masons Vodka; a limited Peppered Pear edition also made a fleeting appearance. Joining Karl and Cathy was a distiller who had previously worked for the prestigious brand Tanqueray, and who had moved up to Yorkshire.

Very generously, His Nibs and I were given the trio of core Gins to sample and we couldn’t wait to try them. The obvious starting point was with the original, so that’s what we did. I don’t know about you, but I always like to smell a drink before I actually imbibe; the original Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin certainly has a very pleasing bouquet to it.

You can’t miss the Juniper note as you sniff, which is a good thing really when you’re looking for Gin!! I also detected another note which I love - Fennel; I have a marvellous Fennel patch in the garden that always goes crackers over summer. There was a lovely citrus hint too as I inhaled deeply.

With the olfactory sense satisfied, it was time to appease the palate. We paired the gin with Fever Tree tonic water; no point having a quality tipple if you’re going to partner it with rubbish is there? The Original Gin is very smooth and dry to drink as you would expect, but it had a pleasing citrus element too, making it nice and bright to drink. An absolute corker of a “classic” Gin; we both loved it!

Next up to try was the Lavender edition. As soon as I unscrewed the bottle the scent of Lavender wafted up, it was beautiful. I took a sip of it neat, and was surprised by how light on the palate it was; but, would it translate as well in a straight G&T? The answer is yes and especially if you like a light, floral gin. This little tyke bounces around in the mouth like Tigger on steroids; it’s full of life and energy - absolutely gorgeous!

By contrast the third, and final, gin to try was the Tea edition; this gave absolutely nothing away when sniffed. In fact, I thought my sense of smell had gone for some bizarre reason, and got His Nibs to get a sniff too; luckily he couldn’t smell anything either! A cheeky sip of the neat spirit was no less elusive. There was nothing for it then but to pour over some good old Fever Tree tonic and wait for the magic to be revealed. As soon as I took my first taste of the mixed drink, the tea came alive! Then as soon as it appeared, it was gone; utter brilliance, then clean as a whistle. It is quite a conundrum as far as gins go, but do y’ know what? I really liked it. :)