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Marron Liqueurs
Waddingham, Lincolnshire
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Sampling Liqueurs From Marron Liqueurs, Lincolnshire

Published On Sunday 4 Feb 2018 by Sticky Beak
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Weekends at The Nest are often spent eating and drinking far too much, and this weekend is proving to be no exception. So far we’ve eaten Thai at Buxton, cooked using Lime Tickle pickle (yum!!), had Afternoon Tea, drank shots, scoffed lots of choccies, drank beer, and gone out for Sunday lunch!!!

But the focus of this piece is the shots, kindly provided to The Man Bird by Marron Liqueurs at a trade show in York earlier this week. The company themselves produce a range of Fruit, Floral, and Chocolate liqueurs, and produce a rather nifty pack of 24, 10ml shots. There is literally every combination of alcohol and flavours you can imagine; from Chocolate flavoured Ginger Whisky, Toffee Apple Rum, Raspberry Gin, and everything in between!!

I won’t go into the finer details of every single shot we had, I will just give you a more “highlights” type piece. Floral favourites were the gorgeous Lavender Gin, Rose Delight, Violet Vodka, and Elderflower Liqueur; all of these were beautiful in the mouth, quite delicate but warming at the same time - and probably quietly lethal when sipped on sunny days :)

His Nibs had to have the Whisky shots, as for some really bizarre reason, Whisky simply does not agree with me; every time I have it, it makes me ill. Strange but true. The Bramble variety had a fantastic Blackberry taste, and a lovely warmth when swallowed, as did the Apple and Pear Whisky (whose fruity flavour was a big hit with The Man).

I loved the Apple and Pear Gin; it was light and refreshing and had a distinct Pear taste, which I really enjoyed. The award for most stealthily tipsy shot would probably go to the Lemon Gin Liqueur; honestly it was like drinking homemade Lemonade! A few of those would slip down very easily :)

Both the Cherry Vodka and Caribbean Sunrise shots garnered murmurs of appreciation from us, with their amazing fruity flavours and pleasant, light aftertastes. Another fantastically fruity number was the Blackcurrant Gin, and this was like drinking dilute Ribena – seriously, it was; just with a tummy pleasing heat as it went down.

The wild card in the pack, for me anyway, was the Chestnut Gin. I really didn’t know what to expect, other than something on the savoury side perhaps? Ha, got that wrong didn’t I! It was in fact surprisingly sweet and had a lovely mellow taste to it. I found myself liking this a whole lot more than I thought I would, and I suspect that you would all agree with me.

The post-dinner tipple has to be the stonkingly good Chocolate flavour Mint Liqueur. This total gem is the liquid twin of the iconic After Eight dinner mint, beloved up and down the country over the festive period. All I have to say about this is..... YUM!

As you can imagine, the evening was taking on a rather giggly tone, so we decided to stay on this course and watch a comedy film whilst Chickadee had (yet again!) abandoned us. Thank you to Marron Liqueurs for letting us try your Party Shots pack, we certainly had fun doing it :)

You can purchase the Party shots pack, or larger sizes of individual varieties via the website; www.marronliqueurs.co.uk

If you are in the retail trade you should take a look at the select and fill system for liqueurs and spirits from the MarRon Liqueurs at www.tiptaptop.co.uk