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Autumn Brewing Company
Seaham, County Durham
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Gluten Free Beers From The Autumn Brewing Company

Published On Monday 29 Jan 2018 by Sticky Beak
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I’m just going to put this out there, and leave it, ok? I am an awesome daughter. Fact. I know you’re wondering why, so I shall elaborate. His Nibs recently went to a food and drink trade show for his day job and in the course of the day got yapping to the guys from the Autumn Brewing Company.

Tapping into the growing trend for Gluten-free lagers and beers, this company actually offer truly gluten free products. Normally, gluten free beers have an enzyme added to digest the gluten in order to get it below the threshold needed to be called gluten free. The Autumn Brewing Co. chaps start by not using wheat, which is the source of gluten; they use Rice, Millet and Quinoa as the grains in their beverages instead. Their gluten free Malts come from two sources, the Eckert Malting and Brewing Company, and the Grouse Malt House.

His Nibs was kindly given one each of their “Alt Brews”; numbers 1, 2, and 3. Now, I could’ve kept them to myself and sampled them with The Man Bird at Beak HQ, but I chose to take them over to the Tribal Elders pad and let my Daddy Bird share the experience. I am SUCH a good daughter :)

Alt Brew number 1 is a Bavarian style Pilsner brewed from Rice and Quinoa. The verdict was that this was light, mild, and refreshing. It had a subtle bitter-sweet character to it, and a fantastic clean finish on the palate. Very drinkable and 4.5%ABV.

Brew 2 is an English Pale Ale that was deemed to be a”nice beer” by my Daddy Bird. Erm, shall we just rewind there, Dad? Given the fact that The Man Bird and myself only managed to get two swigs each and you had the rest, I think we can safely say you thought it was more than merely “nice”!! I thought it was lovely and hoppy in flavour, with a great fruitiness to it; this is your perfect bottle for summer BBQs :) Again, it is brewed from Rice and Quinoa grains, the same as brew 1; it has a similar BV too, at 4.6%.

Alt Brew 3 is a Dark Roast Stout. This little minx is a robust drink, but very nice in all aspects. As well as Treacle notes, there is subtle Chocolate hint in there and it is surprisingly rounded in the mouth. It has a lovely nutty element too and comes in at 4.8%ABV. This stout is brewed from Rice and Quinoa, but also had Millet in the mix. I do like a nice stout on occasion, and this one was lovely :)

Thank you for letting us sample your beers, Autumn Brewing Company :) And can I just say - I am a marvellous daughter! :)