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Proper Nutty
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
01484 513299
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Smunchy Peanut Butter From Proper Nutty in Huddersfield

Published On Friday 29 Oct 2021 by Sticky Beak
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I’m not gonna lie, I have some pretty weird tastes when it comes to food; one of my happy things is Peanut Butter and Marmalade on toast. Yes, you read that right: PB and Marmalade; well, it isn’t so far removed from Yankee classic PB and Jelly (seedless jam) is it?

Anyhooo, I had sweated my (not so) tiny tush off in the gym and figured I’d earned a decent re-fuel brekkie, and what’s better than a protein fix in nut form – other than a carb accompanying one, obvs, cos that’s what I was having! In a jiffy, the croissant was being warmed; jars were coming from the fridge, cutlery and crockery from the drawers and cupboards, and I was hot-to-trot, baby. Thanks to Kat and Sophie at Proper Nutty I had my nut fix and the lovely Carys at Gwenynfa Penybryn Apiary provided the Honey Marmalade.

Kat and Sophie are the producers of Proper Nutty, the UK’s only ‘Smunchy’ Peanut Butter. It’s not completely smooth, it’s not coarsely crunchy, it’s Smunchy: somewhere in the middle, with a fine texture to it. Best of all, there are no nasties in this morsel; just nuts in the ‘nowt but nuts’ type and peanuts and sea salt in the slightly salted version.Smunchy is Gluten free, Palm oil free, vegan friendly and great taste award winning – not bad, eh?. When you haven’t got all manner of chemicals and preservatives in you really get the full flavour of the peanuts coming through, which means you don’t need to use as much of it; not that this made me anymore restrained in the amount I slathered on to my Croissant! Now, if you’re like me, standard jars of PB don’t last 5 minutes ( I like to blame the dog and his PB treat habit, but really it’s me being a little PB piggy!) so rejoice fellow ‘ peanut butter nutters’ when I tell you that you can also get your greedy little paws on 1kg tins of this glorious stuff. Hallelujah! For more info contact them at hello@propernutty.co.uk

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