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The New Peanut Spread From The Team At Irish Black Butter

Published On Sunday 26 Apr 2020 by Sticky Beak
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You may recall that when I visited the Fine Food North Show in Harrogate last year, one of the food producers I got talking to was the lovely Alastair from Irish Black Butter. Irish Black Butter isn’t butter at all; it’s a rather wonderful Apple-based concoction that went brilliantly with the Pork shoulder I slow-cooked it with. I bought another jar of the Black Butter, intending to do the same this summer if the weather (and this blooming Coronavirus!) permits social gatherings; if not, I’ll just cook it for The Flock.

You can’t help but fall for Alastair’s wide smile and lilting voice (he’s Irish too, like Colin from Little Doone), so he had me listening intently as he told me about the latest product that he and wife Kathleen had developed this year: a Peanut Spread. Whilst we were yapping away I had a little sample of the peanut spread.

You certainly get the wallop of peanut in your mouth but it has a richer, treacle-esque base to it which I am looking forward to making into a Chicken Satay type dinner one evening in the coming weeks. It has a nice crunchiness to its texture as well. All I’m going to do is skewer pieces of chicken breast from my local butcher (Percy Dawes), slather on the jar of peanut sauce and leave it to cook. Then I’ll make a deep bed of rice and place the sauce and skewers on top and leave folk to help themselves: bish, bash, bosh!

Fledge has just come home thanks to her University shutting down, so I made this as a casual family feast where we all just helped ourselves to the skewers. We are lucky to have a fab local bakery near us, Luke Evans, so Him Indoors nipped to get some fresh bread from them to soak up the excess sauce; when something is as tasty as Alastair’s Irish Black Butter Peanut Spread, there’s no way any of it is getting left! .

For more information on Alastair and Kathleen’s scrummy products, head over to the website.

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