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Trying The Steel City Blend From Frazer's Coffee Roasters

Published On Wednesday 15 Apr 2020 by Sticky Beak
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Thank goodness for Coffee! Especially at the moment when it seems as if the world has gone mad, and everyone’s lost their sense!! In common (I’m sure) with everyone else, this working from home malarkey is more difficult than I anticipated, and so I was in desperate need of some ‘gee-up juice’ a.k.a coffee.

Thankfully The Man Bird is a dab-hand when it comes to brewing up fresh coffee, so I helpfully (!) pointed him in the direction of the sample that Frazer’s Coffee Roasters kindly gave me at The Fine Food Show North in Harrogate a few of weeks earlier. As I was in the shower upstairs, The Man busied himself with grinding the beans and their marvellous aroma wafted through the nest and found its way through the steam and into my nostrils.

I hurriedly finished my ablutions and made my way down into the kitchen, poured myself a mug of the coffee and went into the office to contemplate the day ahead. I cannot tell you how gorgeous that first sip tasted; rich and rounded, with a superb smoothness to it! It wasn’t long before that first sacred cup had gone, and I helped myself to a second. I loved the fact that there was no bitterness at all, not even at that last bit at the bottom!

The “Steel City” blend is made up of Indonesia Old Brown and Java and Brazilian Santos beans and its name was inspired by the much-loved, but now gone, Sheffield landmark the Tinsley Cooling Towers. Those of you of a certain age may recall them as featuring in “The Full Monty” film starring Robert Carlyle.

Anyhow, I can highly recommend this superb coffee and because Fledge resides in Sheffield for her studies, she can make herself useful and keep me stocked up with it!!

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