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Sweet Balsamic Dressings From Little Doone

Published On Sunday 5 Apr 2020 by Sticky Beak
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What Colin doesn’t know about Sweet Balsamic Dressings isn’t worth knowing; he can tell you what foodstuffs each dressing goes with, and even makes some cracking suggestions for you to try at home. All the range is vegan-friendly too and made with the finest quality Balsamic Vinegar from Modena in Italy.

Unsurprisingly, I managed to sample every single one of the versions he had brought to the show!   My excuse was that Colin kept offering me bits of bread to dunk into whichever Balsamic dressing we’d been nattering about – not that I ever need an excuse to be eating, let’s face it. Another factor in my gluttony was the length of time we spent chatting – in typical Scottish style Colin can talk the hind legs off a donkey, but he’s so charming and funny that you find yourself mesmerised!

The great thing about Colin’s products is that they can turn their hand to sweet or savoury uses because they’re made without oil; the Orange one goes amazingly well with a rich Chocolate Torte apparently, and when I tried a bit I could just envision this combo. All the fruit varieties were bright and clear on the tongue, and I had the Raspberry one on a salad with Blue Cheese in; it was superb! The tang of the cheese bounced off the sweet Raspberry flavour, giving a nice, well balanced contrast. Apparently the Raspberry dressing goes jolly nicely with Venison too – something I really love to eat, so next time i have some I shall certainly try it.

I tried the Ginger Sweet Balsamic dressing over some good quality Vanilla Ice Cream and it was simple but stunning partnership. The gingers’ spice and heat was tempered beautifully by the coolness of the Ice Cream and the rounded notes of Vanilla within it.

Colin very generously gave me a couple of bottles - one each of the Raspberry and Ginger varieties - to take back to the nest. There is an online shop that you can purchase all these fab goodies from, and Dobbies Garden Centres also stock them, so you can easily try them for yourselves.

To order visit the web site at www.littledoone.co.uk/our-range/

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