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Sweet Balsamic Dressings From Little Doone

Published On Monday 8 Apr 2019 by Sticky Beak
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Sometimes you don’t need a fancy-pants stand at a trade show to stand out; just let the colourful products speak for themselves. Clearly this was the philosophy of Colin Hanna, the director of Little Doone Foods Ltd, and in my opinion it was definitely the right path to follow. The colourful display of Little Doone’s Sweet Balsamic Dressings was stunning in its simplicity, and it drew me in to have a further look.

Each dressing had a sample in a pristine white bowl, with a full sized bottle of the product standing proudly behind it. A whole spectrum of colours could be seen, from the verdant Lime Zest offering to the golden shades of the Whisky and Gold of Modena specimens.

Colin himself was a lovely chap, full of joy and with an irresistible twinkle in his eye. I have mentioned on several occasions that one of the things I love most about blogging is the social aspect; learning about what it is that drives people and how they came to be on their current food-producing path. Chatting away to Colin you couldn’t help but be swept along in his enthusiasm for his Sweet Balsamic Dressings, and clearly his dedication pays off, because no fewer than 10 of his dressings have been recipients of Great Taste Awards!

My gluttony button was switched to maximum and I began to dunk bits of bread and crackers into the myriad bowls in front of me. Colin pointed me in the direction the Raspberry dressing and my word, what a bobby dazzler it was! I loved the balance between the bright fruity notes of the Raspberries (25% of the dressings content no less!) and the exquisite sharp-but-sweet Balsamic element; paired with a top quality fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil this would be the ultimate lazy supper partner for bread.

I decided to go right back to basics and try the Original Sweet Balsamic Dressing. This was another fine example of how a products character changes as it develops in the mouth; initially you get that symbolic sharp/sweet hit on your tongue which gently, seductively develops into a deliciously mellow, richly comforting taste.

My next move was to go to something zingier, so the natural choice was the Lime Zest dressing – and it didn’t disappoint. There was no mistaking that wonderful citrus flavour, and it married seamlessly with the satisfyingly deep Balsamic base to produce an outrageously good dressing that would enhance anything it graced.

Not wishing to totally disgrace myself and reveal the extent of my gluttony, I decide to try one final example of Little Doone’s Sweet Balsamic Dressings; the Gold of Modena. The colour of this dressing is the most tantalising honeyed gold, and this is a massive clue to the flavour explosion that lies in wait for you. Made from
White Balsamic Vinegar, this superb specimen has an incredible honey note to its taste; don’t get too comfortable in its sweetness though, the Balsamic’s characteristic sharp, savoury hint comes to kiss your palate a short moment later.

Lady Fortune was shining down on me, as Colin very generously gave me a bottle of this golden goddess to take back to the nest. To order these marvellous dressings for yourself just head over to the website www.littledoone.co.uk  or if you want to try some samples before you fully commit to the full-size bottles simply email info@littledoone.co.uk. Hot Wings happily awarded to these little gems.