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Sampling Coffees From The Rounton Coffee Roasters

Published On Saturday 9 Mar 2019 by Sticky Beak
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Not going to lie; as I type this, the weather is dreadful! Hardly the perfect start to a relaxed weekend eh folks? Luckily salvation in the form of coffee from Rounton Coffee Roasters arrived earlier in the week – hurrah for coffee!

The Rounton Coffee Roasters team a.k.a The Two Daves very kindly sent His Nibs and me a couple of their favourite coffees to try: El Salvador Bosque Lya, and Guatemala Las Terrazas. Even better, they had emailed to ask how we would like the beans sending, and had already ground them for us. Thank you Roasty Burts (David Burton, the Roaster at team Rounton).

Having woken from our slumber and dragged our sorry bods out of bed, The Man Bird and I were greeted by the aforementioned gloomy skies, howling winds, and drizzle. Nothing for it then but to pop some croissants in the oven to warm and power up the coffee machine; weather be diddled, you’re not raining on my weekend parade! We decided to kick our coffee journey off with the El Salvador Bosque Lya and waited (not so) patiently for the coffee to brew.

His Nibs brought the first hot mug of caffeine loveliness through to me and I inhaled the comforting aroma coming from it. Just the smell perked me up and my mood lifted further as I took that wonderful initial sip.

The El Salvador Bosque Lya was incredibly smooth, mellow and rounded in the mouth and we both let out small contented sighs as its character unfurled. It is described by Rounton Coffee Roasters as having notes of Hazelnut, Plum, and Milk Chocolate; all I know is that it was perfect for a chilled Saturday morning, accompanied by soft, warm croissants. The El Salvador Bosque Lya lingers softly in the mouth with no harsh after-taste; I think an apt description would be “just gloriously optimistic”. Two thumbs up from me.

Guatemala Las Terrazas was the name of the second coffee we’d been kindly sent to try, so without any further ado we popped the ground beans into the machine and waited for the magic brew to materialise. This beauty got His Nibs cooing with happiness, his little face fair lit up! To me this coffee tastes sharper and cleaner in the mouth than its El Salvadorian counterpart; deliciously fruity and bright, almost “buzzier” on the palate like it’s got a business suit on rather than its athleisure gear. The Daves describe this as having notes of tropical fruits, juicy, and Nutmeg, and oddly I got the spice hint dominant on my palate whereas His Nibs got the fruity element.

The Beak camp (yet again!) is divided; I preferred the El Salvador Bosque Lya variety, The Man was bowled over by the Guatemala Las Terrazas. I suppose this is testament to the fact that both of these coffees are absolute bangers that will appeal to all types of coffee aficionados, and to the skill and passion of the Rounton Coffee Roasters team.

I am really looking forward to meeting “Beats and Roasty Burts” at the Fine Food Show North in Harrogate and hearing about their passion for the coffee growers that they trade with and meet (and hopefully having a cup of the good stuff with them!). If you’re going to the show, pop by and see them at stand D16, and if you can’t make it then go to their website and order their marvellous coffees online.

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