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I Should Cocoa
Belper, Derbyshire
01773 880181
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Coffee And Cake At I Should Cocoa, Belper

Published On Monday 30 Sep 2013 by Sticky Beak
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Not the most exciting start to this bird’s week -  nest maintenance to do in Belper -  but it was necessary, so had to be done. The boy wonder noticed my feathers had drooped somewhat, and suggested a little rest at “ I Should Cocoa “. Well, that perked my tail feathers up no end as I’m sure you can imagine.

If you have never had the pleasure to go inside this quaint little establishment, then you are missing out on a total gem let me tell you. The slabs of rocky road were definitely destined to have a place in my greedy  tum ( and it does come in a gluten free option for those of you with dietary intolerances ), but I was undecided on what beverage to have. Normally I am a latte kind of bird, but the lure of 70% cocoa dark hot chocolate was simply too strong to resist. With this being my first experience of this drink I decided to just have it as it comes, but his-nibs was a shade braver and had a shot of chilli essential oil in his chocolate.

Well there we perched slowly relaxing to gentle sounds of 1940’s inspired music and decor, and our server was equally relaxed as she hummed along to the music with a genuinely happy smile on her face. The rocky road was absolutely yummy beyond belief, with just the right amount of chewy loveliness to balance the crunchy biscuit. And the hot chocolates did not disappoint either; mine was lovely, rich and smooth, and the hubsters was equally satisfying, with the chilli oil being of the highest quality so that it was warming and smooth on the palate, not just hot with that aftertaste you normally get.

In addition they also have a lovely display of gifts that you can purchase, and some nostalgic posters and signs to give any home that retro-chic vibe. The toilets were totally spotless, and there were baby changing facilities too for those that require them.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a loyalty card that you get stamped each time you visit -  not that I will need an excuse to visit again ! So if you find yourself in Belper at any time , you could do far worse than catch your breath and unwind in I Should Cocoa.

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