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A Bank Holiday Breakfast At The Bridge House In Ambergate

Published On Sunday 21 Apr 2024 by Sticky Beak
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Unusually, the weather had been pretty decent for the majority of the Easter weekend, so we’d managed to get quite a bit done. Being Brits, though, we know that good-fortune over a Bank Holiday weekend doesn’t last, and so it proved the case when rain came on Easter Monday! I have to say that we were ready for some rest, so His Nibs booked us a table at Bridge House in Ambergate for breakfast.

Parking is a big snug at the venue itself, but there is on-road parking immediately adjacent, so we grabbed a spot there and walked back to Bridge House. From the road, Bridge House is a fairly unassuming building, nestled next to the services garage; step inside, however, and it is a welcoming foodie haven with a lovely relaxed vibe. We were greeted warmly and shown where our table was, joining the throng of folks already tucking into all manner of tasty food. The menus were already on the table so, after ordering two ‘plain’ Hot Chocolates (£3 each), we studied the selection of Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch dishes – all of which are available all day. Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free options are also readily available.

The Man Bird opted for his favourite, a Full English (£12.95) and I had the Avocado on Toasted Soda Bread with Chilli Flakes (£10.95), adding Poached Eggs (£1.50) and Crispy Bacon (£1.95). Whilst we were waiting for our order, several of the Full English’s went past our table, and His Nibs face lit up with happiness at their huge proportion! Our little blog has been going for a fair few years now, but this serving team was one of the smoothest, most well organised we’ve ever seen – honestly, the young lasses were seamless.

Before long, our meals were being placed in front of us and we tucked in with our usual gusto.  I was very pleased with the size of the Soda Bread slices, and they’d been toasted to lightly crisped, golden perfection. On top of each slice was a good amount of chunkily smushed Avocado and, to be honest, this would’ve been a perfectly hearty dish in its own right. I have to say that I was feeling smug about my decision to add Poached Eggs and Crispy Bacon, both elements just brought something extra to the table, so to speak! Indulgence was well represented by both the richness of the Avocado and the sunny-hued egg yolk, and the toasted Bread and Bacon brought a great hit of texture. Seriously, this would hit the spot, whatever time of day you ate it!

Across the table, The Man was chowing down merrily on thick slices of back Bacon, savouring the meaty flavour as he dunked each piece into the creamy, soft yolk of his fried Egg. I am noted for being especially picky about sausages, judging them on ‘repeat factor’, but the ones on His Nibs’ plate looked very nice, so I asked for a bit. Fans of bangers (behave!) will be very happy with these minxes anyhow, but I have to say that I would’ve eaten these quite happily; no repeat factor, and gentle seasoning. As usual, I got passed the Mushrooms (yum!) and - if he hadn’t asked for them to be left out - I would’ve had some beautiful tinned Tomatoes, too. Don’t judge me, I love tinned Tomatoes (especially on toast); and, yes, pineapple absolutely does belong on a Pizza, whilst we’re having this sort of debate! Halves of Grilled, fresh Tomato sat proudly on the plate and were beautifully sweet and juicy, which paired nicely with the deeper, earthier taste of the slice of Black Pudding. As well as slices of pre-buttered toast, there was also a slice of fried bread on The Man Bird’s plate which, in case you’re curious, tinned Tomatoes also go superbly with. The Hash Browns were marvellously crisp on the outside, with soft inners of shredded Potato that begged to be scooped up with Baked Beans before being devoured. Other than the half-slice of fried bread that I pilfered, His Nibs cleared the plate…guess he liked that, then?!

Whilst we’d been eating, one of the Bridge House team checked we were enjoying our food, and we took the opportunity to order some more hot drinks: a pot of Breakfast Tea for me, and a Black Coffee for His Nibs, both £2.85.
I tell you what, as soon as one table had been vacated it was cleaned down thoroughly and re-laid, then swiftly occupied by a fresh batch of customers – Bridge House clearly is the place to be! The Man Bird and I are already planning our next visit; there are so many other dishes that we want to try. Hot Wings happily awarded to this fab little venue.

Bridge House is open 7-days-a-week: Monday-Saturday 8am-3pm and Sunday 9am-2pm. Last orders for food are 1 hour before closing time, which I think is more than reasonable. For details on events, visit the Facebook page: Bridge House – Ambergate and give the team a buzz on 01773 270978 to book a table. Alternatively, get in touch via email at bridgehouseambergate@mail.com

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