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Hackwood Farm
Radbourne, Derbyshire
01332 528300
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Breakfast At Hackwood Farm, Radbourne

Published On Sunday 22 Jan 2017 by Sticky Beak
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Here at the nest it is shaping up to be an interesting weekend. The Man Bird has unleashed his inner Neanderthal and is determined to do all the D.I.Y jobs over the weekend, but don’t worry; I’ve got D.I.Y SOS on speed dial!

I suggested that such work would require some major sustenance and knew of just the place to provide it. Hackwood Farm Tearooms is somewhere that I’ve been meaning to visit for an absolute age and this was the perfect chance to do so. Chickadee said she would come too, so we all piled into Betty, our trusty jalopy, and tootled off.

I am going to mention at this juncture that SatNav will try to take you a mile further up the road than you need to be if you pop the postcode in, so keep your eyes peeled for the farm sign!

Down a typical farm track we pootled for about half a mile, and then all at once you see farm buildings and animals. A couple of geese were patrolling the yard and several goats were being fussed through their fence by a young girl and her Nana whilst a horse grazed away contentedly in the next paddock.

We carried on for another 30 metres or so and pulled up in the car park, where plenty of other vehicles were. Hackwood Farm is dog friendly down in the bottom room, and there is a separate entrance for you if you have your pooch in tow. Furry friends are most definitely catered for here, with water provided and dog biscuit treats available to buy for their breakfast if you don’t want to treat them to a sausage or slice of bacon.

The Tearooms are set in an old stable block and courtyard and as you go through the dog free entrance you step into the fresh meat section where the butcher was busily at work. A further counter sells pies, scotch eggs and meats and there is also display shelves stacked with every kind of preserve you can imagine. We also spied our friends Amber Valley Wines “Lindway White” wine on the shelf along with the English Wine Shops “Three Choirs” vineyards medium white wine.

We perched ourselves at our reserved table and took in the wonderful surroundings. A massive log burner was spewing out some very welcome warmth to drive out the cold and damp morning air, and gently flickering candles were arranged on white painted step ladders. Wooden ceiling beams and roof struts, slate and tile floors and exposed brick walls oozed rural charm, and I loved the original arch shaped windows and stable doors on the outer wall.

Our fledgling was clearly in dire teenage need of fuel so she beadily eyed up the food selection and opted for a Bacon and Free Range Egg sandwich on white doorstep bread and a Luxury Hot Chocolate with all the associated trimmings.

Both The Boy Wonder and I had the Farmhouse Breakfast comprising two Hackwood sausages, two rashers of Home cured Bacon, one free range fried egg, grilled fresh Tomato, grilled Portobello Mushroom and doorstep toast (I had brown, he had white). Typically, he swapped his tomato for beans, and the team didn’t bat an eyelid at his request and we both had a Latte to go with the food.

The Hot Chocolate was lovely and chocolatey and had a very generous layer of fresh cream on it, much to the delight of my Chick. Plenty of mini marshmallows covered it too, and it did look rather good I must say. The Latte coffees were lovely and hot and are served with a little round of shortbread; not that we got chance to try them as they got purloined by greedy guts Chickadee. She did say that they were lovely though!

If there was a Guinness world record for the fastest time eating a Bacon and Egg sandwich I’m blooming sure my Chick would beat it; I honestly don’t think her food touched the sides of her mouth! A satisfied grin crept across her cheeky chops as she proceeded to regale me with the finer points of her breakfast in order to prove that she had in fact eaten it properly.

The bacon was nice and thick and juicy, not dried and shrivelled like you can get in some places, with a proper meaty taste to it. The egg yolks colour impressed her; to quote,” it wasn’t just yellow, it was yellow yellow” and it had a fab rich flavour that you could really taste.

However, in true gannet tradition, it was the nearly-inch-thick doorstep bread slices that drew most admiration from her, apparently you had to really chomp at it to get through it and it filled her belly brilliantly. Good, I’m glad we got that sorted my little fledgling!

Mind you, if I’m being totally honest His Nibs and I weren’t exactly refined as we attacked the fine fare on our plates. The sausages were big fat meaty jobs that were quite highly seasoned, although not quite to the same degree as Lincolnshire Sausage thank goodness. I am, as you know, stupidly fussy when it comes to the sausage I will eat, and especially with more seasoned ones, so I approached with caution.

They always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and this was definitely one of those occasions; the Hackwood sausage is surprisingly mild on the palate and the quality shines through. I was soon slicing pieces off and dipping them into my brown sauce by The Bay Tree Sauces Company. Never let it be said that I’m anything other than a top quality wife; The Man bird really doesn’t like grilled mushroom, so in exchange for his I let him have my other sausage.

Lovely thick home cured Bacon also got a little shower of brown sauce on it as I tucked in; ketchup in The Boy Wonders case. Our nest is very much a divided camp when it comes to the Brown or Red Sauce debate, but we do respect each other’s quirks.

Whoever was in charge of cooking the breakfasts was doing a top notch job with the eggs; they were fried marvellously with no crispy edge at all on the white even though it was all cooked through. Triple Brownie points given there. I walloped the Mushroom down quite indecently, closely followed by the squishy grilled Tomato. The doorstep toast got slathered with the pat of fresh butter provided and soon followed its fellow morsels to into the oblivion of my appreciative tummy.

The Hackwood Farmhouse breakfast is everything you want, delicious, hot, plentiful and belly filling. Several staff came by and checked that we were all enjoying our food, and were delighted to hear that we were.

Hackwood Farm Tearooms do all sorts of treats and offers all clearly marked on their blackboards. Afternoon Tea is £12.50 per person, £17.50 each if you want to add a glass of fizz, and you can also add a bowl of fresh soup for £2.50 if you want a warm option in your tum.

Golden Wednesdays is an offer specifically for the 60+ age group; you can have a sandwich, a homemade scone with Jam and butter and tea or coffee for £5 a head. If you want clotted cream for your scone that is an additional 50p each, but for a baseline tenner you can have a lovely treat in fantastic warm, friendly surroundings and while away a good hour or so. There are stews of the week to choose from, and they have a fantastic range of cakes that you can buy to take away too, we couldn’t resist the Ultimate Chocolate Indulgence Cake.

There is a three mile round trip walk that sets off from the farm and the staff gave us a map with very detailed directions, so we have said that in drier times we will bring our pooch and do the walk, perhaps having a late breakfast or early lunch afterwards.

If you haven’t been to Hackwood Farm Tearooms before it really is worth going; the food is superb, the staff are lovely and you can take some exercise too if you so wish. Hot Wings very much deserved here :)

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