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Basilia Cafe & Deli
Langley Mill, Derbyshire
01773 715711
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Breakfast At Basilia in Langley Mill

Published On Thursday 14 Jan 2016 by Sticky Beak
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Ah, weekend, how I love your arrival; well, I do once the grocery shopping is done and out of the way. Mundane essentials duly done, The Man and I winged it over to Langley Mill to a place that had been recommended to us a while ago by a very dear friend.

Basilia has a bit of a local reputation as a haven for all things yummy, both savoury and sweet and we were both eager to sample their breakfast delights. I plumped for Eggs Florentine and He had the Full Millers breakfast, with a pot of tea for two as well.

As you go through the door there is what I can only describe as a huge bank of cakes on stands that immediately tempt you, and as if that wasn’t enough there is also the Deli counter to contend with, with its myriad temptations. I managed to tear myself away from their hypnotic gaze long enough to take a seat at table number 4.

My eggs Florentine were scrumptious to say the least; muffins played host to wilted Spinach layers upon which lay deliciously soft poached eggs with pillows of hollandaise atop them. As I cut into one of the eggs its vibrant yolk almost dazzled me, and the taste was just sublime. There is nothing finer at breakfast time than the rich taste of a free range egg; I always feel a stab of disappointment when confronted by an insipid pastel yolk, you just know that the taste will be a shadow of its naturally intended glory.

The whole dish was the perfect start to my day, and satisfied my appetite wonderfully (although I still managed to pilfer the Black Pudding from His Nibs breakfast plate :)

The Millers Breakfast was no less marvellous with its offerings of Bacon, Sausage, Tomato, Egg, Mushrooms, Black Pudding and Derbyshire Oatcake. Judging by the amount of “oohs” and “aahs” and accompanying grin I though it safe to assume that this was an exceedingly tasty plateful, and this was verbally confirmed several minutes later.

We were among plenty more tables in our positive opinion, and a lot of the customers were regulars, so team Basilia are obviously doing something right.

With our tummies silenced and satisfied we made our way back to the front  to drink in the sights and smells of the Deli counter and Cake Bank as I shall refer to it in future.

 A bowl of baby onions in balsamic vinegar and an assortment of Olives caught my beady eye, and after using my feminine wiles a treasured pot of them was purchased along with some fresh coffee for His Nibs and a slice of Chocolate Brownie for our absent Chick.

Not only is the food fantastic dear reader, but Basilia is conveniently located opposite to the Asda superstore so you can combine routine household chores with something infinitely nicer; a win-win situation in my mind.

 Team Basilia you were all so lovely and obliging that I take great delight in saying “Hot Wings” are most definitely deserved by you. We look forward to seeing you again :)

Price Information
The cost for the two breakfasts, pot of tea for two, 2 slices of toast (extra) and fried potatoes (extra) was around £17


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