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Pine Nut Butter & Smooth Almond Butter From Nutural World

Published On Monday 29 Apr 2019 by Sticky Beak
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I had the pleasure to meet the face behind Nutural World, Mordechai, at the Fine Food North Show in Harrogate recently and came away with a trio of scrummy nut-based spreads to try. I cannot sing the praises of the Chocolate Nutty Spread highly enough; here is a product that tastes even better (in my opinion) than Nutella and has the added bonus of not being laden with saturated fat from Palm oil.

The ingredient list is also refreshing simple; 5 items go into this cocoa-laden delight: Almonds, Cashew nuts, Hazelnuts, Cocoa powder, and Dates (for sweetness).

In fact, all of Nutural World’s products have short ingredients lists; if it isn’t necessary, it doesn’t go in – simple as that. Take the second product I tried, the smooth Pine Nut Butter; this product has one ingredient in it – Pine Nuts 100%, now that’s what I like to see. This product has a wonderful creaminess to it, and a character true to whole Pine Nuts that you would normally eat; a lot of people toast their Pine Nuts, but the ones used here are in their “naked” state. I used the rest of the jar to make my own Pesto, just adding fresh Basil, Parmesan cheese, seasoning, and some of Raphael’s Gold Label Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give it a little more fluidity. Yummy!

Writing the blog always gives me the munchies - my excuse is that my brain is using lots of energy and needs the calories (!) - so I headed into the kitchen to toast a sourdough crumpet and slather it with some of Nutural World’s smooth Almond butter. Gosh I love this stuff! Almonds are delightfully smooth and rich tasting in their natural state anyhow, but when blitzed down into a smooth nut butter spread their silky texture really comes to the fore. The other thing I love is that, because they are so rich in fibre and natural oils, they are very satiating so you think you’ve had a real treat even when you only have small amounts.

All of the nut butters I sampled had the advantage of being spreadable straight from the fridge, so minimal fuss and hassle for those wanting instant gratification. Result!

Mordechai makes a whole range of wondrous nut-based products, too many to individually mention here (plus I haven’t tried them all!), so for more information and mail orders, please go to his website Hot Wings given to this lovely man and his superb produce.