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The Bottomless Brunch At Revolucion De Cuba, Derby
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This is it, this is what my blog is all about, food reviews.

I only write good reviews, if I don't like somewhere then I don't write a review so have a read and give somewhere different a try next time you eat out.


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Dinner At Sourced Restaurant At The New Bath Hotel
Sunday 15 Oct 2017  read review

Matlock Bath holds a lot of good memories for me, as I'm sure it does for a lot of you all too. One of the most historic buildings in the town is The Bath Hotel and its spring water-fed pools. Last year after a lot of renovation, it once again

Dinner At The Thorn Tree Inn, Woodlinkin near Codnor
Wednesday 11 Oct 2017  read review

Being totally honest and I doubt I’m alone in this; sometimes, I really cannot be faffed to cook. It was one of those days where Chick had gone off to the Tribal Elders for tea;

Tapas For Two At The Bridge Inn, Calver
Thursday 5 Oct 2017  read review

I love Tapas. It hasn't always been this way though. There was a time when I thought that Tapas wouldn't fill me up; that it was a convenient way for venues to chuck out their leftovers, spice them up a bit and then charge me

Dinner At Fahrenheit, Genting Riverlights, Derby
Sunday 1 Oct 2017  read review

Okey dokey folks, before I get started on the food there’s something that really does need re-iterating. You DON’T need to be a member of the Casino to access the restaurant; you can literally rock up to the premises

Sunday Lunch Carvery At The Marquis Of Ormonde, Codnor
Thursday 28 Sep 2017  read review

Ahead of what was going to be (and is proving to be) a heavy few weeks, The Boy Wonder decided that he would take me out for a Sunday Carvery. The Marquis of Ormonde has been on our radar for ages, but when something is on your doorstep

The Bottomless Brunch At Revolucion De Cuba, Derby
Sunday 24 Sep 2017  read review

I was born for weekends. It isn't a mere love affair with this leisurely paced 48 hour window; it is more of a total immersement in its unashamed languidity. I absolutely relish the time to do whatever I feel

Chocolates From Grandma Peaks Homemade Sweets
Thursday 21 Sep 2017  read review

I have always considered myself to be blessed with the wonderful friends I have, but this has recently become even more evident as they've rallied round whilst I've been recuperating.

Dinner At The Hotel Van Dyk's Southgate Grill
Sunday 17 Sep 2017  read review

One of the things I love about this Blog is the opportunities it's given The Man and me to gad about Derbyshire and eat in many different locations. In our early days of "courting" we lived in Worksop and often drove past the Van Dyk Hotel

Dinner At The Batemans Mill Hotel, Old Tupton
Sunday 10 Sep 2017  read review

I like to think of myself as a multi-tasker, so when the chance to do 2 reviews in one visit came up, I took it. Part of my secret squirrel task was to have three courses and a drink and rate the venue, staff, and variety of food and drink etc.

Brunch At Browns Tea Room, Bar & Bistro, Mansfield
Sunday 3 Sep 2017  read review

Yet again The Man Bird and I were abandoned by The Chick as she and The Boyf Bird (BB) gadded off around town. We have been wanting to visit Browns Tearoom, Bar and Bistro in Mansfield for ages and never quite got around to it

Dinner At The Littleover Lodge Hotel near Derby
Sunday 27 Aug 2017  read review

It's been a busy old week for The Man Bird and I, but what a fabulous one too! The Sticky Beak Blog is 4 years old, and we still pinch ourselves at our good fortune in getting invited to amazing venues and sampling some delicious meals.

Celebrating Byron Burgers 10th Birthday at Derby Intu Centre
Thursday 24 Aug 2017  read review

It's a well known fact that my Flock love a good burger, so when the team at the Derby INTU branch of Byron Burger invited us to celebrate their 10th Birthday we jumped at the chance. As soon as The Man Bird and I walked through the door