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New Chef, New Menu at The Greyhound Hotel, Cromford
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This is it, this is what my blog is all about, food reviews.

I only write good reviews, if I don't like somewhere then I don't write a review so have a read and give somewhere different a try next time you eat out.


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Sampling Some Christmas Goodies From Il Gusto
Thursday 15 Nov 2018  read review

My little flock, plus the Boyf Bird, have just returned from a fab holiday in Turkey and the 'back to reality blues' have kicked in. Hurrah then for the fabulous team at Il Gusto, who clearly have psychic powers and realised yours truly needed

Opening Night At The Streatery In The Post House, Derby
Tuesday 13 Nov 2018  read review

Prepare to experience street food like no other; an exciting fusion of flavours from all over the globe. Chef Karl Tyler and his fiance Kat Galvin have opened their latest venture, The Streatery, in the first week of November at The Post House

Dinner At Arunothai in Hucknall, Nottinghamshire
Sunday 11 Nov 2018  read review

Things have a way of just working out, don't they? A planned visit had to be cancelled at short notice, so The Man Bird and I were faced with either cooking a 'surprise', i.e. something defrosted that we had no clue as to what

A Late Dinner At Las Iguanas, Nottingham
Wednesday 7 Nov 2018  read review

This review is quite unusual dear reader in that a) it was totally unexpected, and b) we only had a single course - the reason for which will become apparent. The Man Bird and I were in Nottingham for the press night of Kushi-Ya.

Breakfast At The Pantry In Swanwick
Sunday 4 Nov 2018  read review

I'm guilty, I'll admit it; guilty of having something on the doorstep and not visiting it for an absolute age, despite thinking 'we'll go there next week' for I don't know how long. I refer of course to The Pantry in Swanwick

New Chef, New Menu at The Greyhound Hotel, Cromford
Wednesday 24 Oct 2018  read review

Since The Man Bird and I last visited The Greyhound at Cromford, it's been all change; new private dining room, new chef, and new lunch, dinner and pizza menus.

Dinner At House of Darwin, Shelton Lock, Derby
Tuesday 23 Oct 2018  read review

There must be something in the air - either that or The Man Bird has been wearing Lynx again! - we are being kept busy at the moment (just the way we like it!) and found ourselves at the House of Darwin in Shelton Lock, Derby, to sample their menu.

Out For Dinner At Revolucion De Cuba, Nottingham
Sunday 21 Oct 2018  read review

One of the things I love about Revolucion De Cuba (RDC) is the buildings they choose as their venues; Nottingham's RDC is housed in a massive former hotel. The character of the building is evident in the high ceilings, arched doorways

New Menu, New Chef & New Decor At The Plough Inn, Brackenfield
Sunday 14 Oct 2018  read review

Crikey, theres no chance of me getting into any mischief, dear reader! Its been a whirl-wind couple of weeks, and no sign of it slowing down anytime soon - which suits me just fine to be honest. I guess The Man and I must be doing something right.

A Visit From Chef Karl Tyler For My Daddy Bird's 70th Birthday
Friday 12 Oct 2018  read review

I've said in the past that we're a tight-knit Flock, so when the year came to celebrate one of The Tribal Elders getting even older (!) it was a no-brainer that it was going to be a family get-together. It was my Daddy Bird

Getting our T'ing on at Turtle Bay with the new menu!
Tuesday 9 Oct 2018  read review

The Man Bird and I love spicy food and we also love relaxed dining with an easy-flowing vibe. Well guess what? Turtle Bay has come up with our idea of heaven, called the Caribbean Social, and invited us along to sample the new dishes.

Making The Choc Chip Balls From Energy Ball Recipes
Monday 8 Oct 2018  read review

You won't believe what I'm about to tell you dear reader. I, me, actually made something to eat - in my own kitchen! Don't faint, it does occasionally happen; albeit I get some funny looks from His Nibs and Chickadee, and they smell