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This is it, this is what my blog is all about, food reviews.

I only write good reviews, if I don't like somewhere then I don't write a review so have a read and give somewhere different a try next time you eat out.


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Out For Dinner At The Elm Tree in Elmton
Sunday 21 Apr 2019  read review

I've gotta say, I'm not feeling the love from the weather fairies of late; every time The Man Bird and I have got an engagement planned, the weather takes a downward turn in terms of

Trying Some Artisan Condiments From Tracklements
Friday 19 Apr 2019  read review

On occasion I do like to adorn my snacks and meals with a little sauce or dip, so when I chanced upon the Tracklements team at The Fine Food North Show in Harrogate

New Menu And Cocktails At Revolucion De Cuba, Derby
Thursday 18 Apr 2019  read review

If I set up a little camp bed in the corner of Revolucion de Cuba in Derby, do you think they would notice? Asking for a *ahem* friend. It's no secret that The Man Bird and I are big fans

Mischief, Rouge & Willie Gunn From Colcombe House Ciders
Wednesday 17 Apr 2019  read review

The bulk of my review content relates to food, but I do relish the opportunity to sample drinks too. At my recent visit to the Fine Food North Show in Harrogate I got chatting

Trying Out Some Irish Black Butter
Tuesday 16 Apr 2019  read review

Never heard of Irish Black Butter? Don't panic, neither had I! I met the charming Alastair and the lovely Cathy at the Fine Food north Show in Harrogate recently and was intrigued as to what exactly Irish Black Butter was

Derby Cocktail Bars And The Late Night Bus Service
Tuesday 16 Apr 2019  read review

This is a tale of two Cities; well that's not strictly true as Chesterfield is classed as a town, I think - anyhow using my poetic licence I'm calling it a tale of two cities for this blog! There was

Dinner At The Cast Iron Bar & Grill, Breadsall Priory
Sunday 14 Apr 2019  read review

Yet another fabulous venue invited The Man Bird and I to sample their dinner menu; Breadsall Priory - and this really is a fabulous venue, I'm not just saying that. The Priory itself dates back

Sunday Lunch At The Plough Inn, Brackenfield
Thursday 11 Apr 2019  read review

Now I'm not disputing the fact that my Mummy Bird does a cracking Sunday roast, but when she announced that she was taking us out and treating us all I couldn't help but get a smidge excited.

A Pan Galactic From The Beerblefish Brewing Company
Wednesday 10 Apr 2019  read review

The guys from The Beerblefish Brewing Company had the good fortune (?!) to be standing opposite His Nibs at the Fine Food North Show in Harrogate, and they

Lunch And A Break From Shopping At Carnero Lounge, Derby
Tuesday 9 Apr 2019  read review

The Man Bird and I were in Derby (again!), but we did have a good excuse - it was Chickadees birthday and she;d wanted to go shopping; money always burns a hole in

Sweet Balsamic Dressings From Little Doone
Monday 8 Apr 2019  read review

Sometimes you don't need a fancy-pants stand at a trade show to stand out; just let the colourful products speak for themselves. Clearly this was the philosophy of Colin Hanna, the director of

A Family Visit To The 50's American Diner In Church Gresley
Sunday 7 Apr 2019  read review

We love visiting different venues, and you're not going to get more different than The 1950s American Diner at Church Gresley near Swadlincote! This is an actual, bona fide