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Pizza And Gelato At The Joiners Arms, Quarndon
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Are you the owner or manager of a business that you would like me to review then read on. I can review your business in one of two ways!

I have produced a media pack that will give you more information about the blog
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It's On Us

Once or twice a month I will visit someone new, if you would like me to pay you a visit then just contact me and I'll add you to my list of places to visit.

I do these visits at my own expense and the criteria for choosing 'where next' is pretty random. I may visit on my own, as part of a couple or up to a family of 5. You won't know if I'm coming and you'll only know I've been if I enjoy my visit and write a review. I may leave a little card on the table to let you know I've been.

It's On You

Do you want to jump the queue? Then I'm quite happy to come and visit if you cover the cost of the food and drink for the visit. There would normally be the two of us and we would have a look at your menu and agree a budget in advance.

I will write the review in exactly the same way and if I don't enjoy the visit then I won't write a review but you would still cover the cost of the meal.

All my reviews are my genuine opinion, I won't write a review about something I don't like but neither will I tell anyone if I've been and don't like it. I have reviewed a range of places spending from £5 per head to £85 per head and out of 150 visits have only had 6 venues I wouldn't write about.

If you want to arrange a visit on this basis then contact me and we can sort the details