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Breakfast At Made @ No 18, Alfreton

Published On Saturday 31 Jan 2015 by Sticky Beak
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Crikey, this eating out malarkey is like waiting for a bus.... Nothing for ages, then BOOM! , a few occasions close together - not that I’m complaining dear reader. Good food, as you know, makes me happy, so I am always up for trying new places and their offerings.

Weekends are particularly well suited to a leisurely breakfast because there’s no rush to get the chick fed and off to school or feeding the Boy Wonder before he flies off to work. Now I’m not sure whether this is a new place or if I have just been spectacularly blind and never noticed this little gem lurking right under my beak? I refer of course to M.A.D.E at No.18 on Church Street in Alfreton.

Well anyway, the main thing is that it is now on my radar for future reference. When you walk through the door it has an under-stated relaxed feel and we were greeted with such a cheery hello and warm smile that put us instantly at ease. Local artists’ work is displayed on the walls and there are preserves on shelves and artisan craft items available to buy too. But I digress reader, back to the main focus - food.....

I ordered a double shot latte and his-nibs had a regular latte while we decided what to have. In the end the Man had his usual full English Brekkie and I had Scrambled Egg and Salmon on a toasted Butter muffin. The Full Breakfast had sausage from Owen Taylors in Leabrooks, good thick back Bacon, a Fried Egg, Derbyshire Oatcake, Mushrooms, Tomato and Toast and a Homemade Potato Rosti. There were many appreciative chirrups of delight from the Man who declared it to be delicious and filling, and I have to say that I was equally thrilled with my choice. The Muffin was gloriously buttery in taste which lent itself very well to the scrambled egg atop it, and the Salmon which crowned it all was proper slices rather than mere flakes. Both choices were very filling, which is just how breakfast should be - after all it kick-starts the day doesn’t it and gives our brains and bodies fuel to carry out what we demand of them.

They also do lunch time items including homemade soup, sandwiches and quiches. There are also hot main courses to choose from at lunch.

We were both relaxed in the surroundings, and because the items are cooked fresh to order it all comes out piping hot.

The premises themselves were spotlessly clean, and the staff were all very friendly and smart, so if you haven’t been already I can heartily recommend that you pay them a visit as soon as you can.

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