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Kinoko Kombucha
Tockwith, North Yorkshire
01423 423075
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Sampling Kombucha From Kinoko Kombucha

Published On Saturday 23 Mar 2019 by Sticky Beak
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There’s never a dull moment when you’ve paid a visit to a food show – especially a really well attended one such as the Fine Food North Show that is held in Harrogate. I’d come back laden with a plethora of fantastic goods to try, and to sustain me I’d begun to nibble at a couple of morsels.

I’d also been supping on a gorgeously refreshing classic Kombucha from Kinoko whilst I’d been organising my goodies into some sort of order; sauces, sweet, savoury etc. The classic version of this fermented green tea-based drink also comes in cans as well as glass bottles, and is stocked on East Midlands’ trains. To me, the classic Kombucha from Kinoko has a beautiful honeyed, delicately floral taste to it that is superbly thirst-quenching.

It was so good The Man Bird decided he was going to get in the act too, so we opened a bottle of the Reef Coconut variety to share! Kombucha is vegan friendly, dairy- and gluten-free and has no added sweeteners so it’s perfect for everybody’s body. I think this is my personal favourite of the three types of Kombucha that Kinoko produce; but then I do really like coconut, so maybe I’m a bit biased!

His Nibs liked the crisp citrus edge of the Orchard Lime and Mint variety, and I must say that it was really nice when we partnered it with a late evening snack of cheese and crackers. I liked the delicate hint of Mint; it danced wonderfully on the palate and was nicely refreshing too.

If you want more information on this Yorkshire produced drink then just head over to www.kinoko-kombucha.com for the low-down.