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Comedy Night At Bluey's A Great Success

Published On Friday 31 Jan 2014 by Sticky Beak
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Comedy Night Review by Amber Valley Info

I’m not normally one to be behind the times, but on this occasion I have to confess to missing the boat slightly. Bluey’s held their third “ Flamin’ Galah “ Comedy night last night ( 28th January), and if it was anything to go by, I have missed out on 2 side-splittingly funny nights out. Anyhow, at least I can say I made it along to this one.

Entry is £5 to the event for which you get entered into a prize draw (and I believe last night’s winner pocketed £30 which is not to be sniffed at) and sample a variety of different comedians. Now comedy by its very nature is subjective to each individual, so the huge advantage of an event like this is that you get a wide range of different comedic styles. The other advantage is that because it is held in a smallish town setting as opposed to a city venue you are paying a fraction of the cost of similar events. Another thing I personally liked is that small events like this are where up-and-coming talents are honing their craft, so you feel as if you are seeing potential stars at the beginning of their careers –which could give you future “I saw them when they first started out“ bragging rights!

The Compere for the evening was a guy named “Scott Bennett “, who was funny as heck. He had a great ability to feed off the audience and think on his feet, and soon built up a good rapport with the crowd. First up was an act called “ Wayne The Weird “ who incorporated simple magic tricks into his comedy routine, providing something just a bit off the normal beaten track. The tried and tested formula of getting audience members on stage to help with the tricks worked this time too, providing much hilarity along the way. Wayne might be weird, but he was wonderful too.

Second act on stage was a chap called Nick Banks. At first glance you could be mistaken for thinking he’d just been drinking at the bar in his jeans and T-shirt outfit, and his shaved head and bushy beard was certainly an eye-catching visual. But it was his facial expressions and casual demeanour that really set his act alight; naughty school boy smirks and eyebrow raising carried you along with his expertly timed patter. However, the highlight for me was his unique delivery of an excerpt from the racy book “50 shades of grey“ by E.L James. The passage he read related to the performing of fellatio, nothing comedic there you’re probably thinking........... Now imagine it being read by the character “Frank –oooh Betty – Spencer” from the programme “Some Mothers Do ‘Ave them”. Factor together the written content, impersonation, and the afore-mentioned schoolboy smirking and it was no wonder that the men in the audience needed Tena Ladies too!! Tears were streaming down my face, and down those of many other people.

Check out this You Tube link with a short exert of Nick Banks, 50 Shades Of Grey

Comedy nights like this are never just “each act gets better and better“affairs, that’s not the point of them. Their aim is to provide a wide variety of genres for an audience to experience and also for comedians to find out what works and what doesn’t in their act. Which brings me to the third act of the night, Mike Milling; this act relied very heavily on pre-prepared drawings, a very different strategy than that used by most comedians, and certainly a brave decision. Top marks for originality, but this particular audience (myself included) were not convinced by this approach to comedy.

Last act up was a comedian named Andrew Bird, the most experienced act of the evening. You could tell he had had a bit time more working on his act, the delivery was smoother, he oozed confidence on the stage and used the stage more to walk around on than the other acts. Part of a comedian’s success is his ability to connect with the audience and engage with them, and Andrew did this very well.

Scott, the Compere, did an outstanding job throughout the evening providing several incredibly funny moments himself. His inter-weaving of anecdotes with live audience interaction was very slick, and I would love to watch one of his own comedy slots.

It was a very very pleasurable evening on its own, but combined with the always friendly atmosphere of Blueys bar, great value ticket price and wide selection of beers ciders and wines; it’s a winning formula for a top-notch midweek night out in Alfreton. Good on you Blueys for having the get up and go to host an evening like this, can’t wait for the next one - which incidentally is the 25th March

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