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Mumbai Masala
Alfreton, Derbyshire
01773 521052
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Dinner At Mumbai Masala, Alfreton

Published On Thursday 27 Nov 2014 by Sticky Beak
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Well dear readers, my little flock does love a good “Ruby Murray“ as you know, and there are several  great venues scattered around the Amber Valley. This month’s review comes to you from none other than Mumbai Masala in Alfreton. Despite living only a few miles away from here, the Boy Wonder and me have never ventured inside these premises - a situation we felt needed correcting. A doorman greeted us all and showed us up the few steps into the restaurant itself, which is very spacious and clean.

We were shown to our table and given a menu each, and while we looked through the extensive selection of dishes we munched through some poppadoms and a pickle tray (which was very yummy!). My little chick opted for Prawn Puri to start, which is her normal choice of starter. The Man Bird had the Hot Meat Puri and I decided to have Fish Pakora, which is a step away from my usual choice. When our starters arrived we tucked in with our signature gusto, to little chirrups of delight. My Baby bird said that her Puri was lovely and fresh, not at all greasy, and stuffed full of Prawns, and The Boy agreed that the Puri Bread was delicious. The Lamb in his Puri was beautifully tender and tasty, so he was very content with his starter. I have to say that my Fish Pakora was an absolute joy to eat ; the fish itself was moist, chunky and flavoursome and the batter was seasoned with subtle spices  which made me feel  jolly glad that I had decided to be adventurous for a change. All the starters were beautifully arranged on the plates and garnished with side salads.

For Mains we ordered Lamb Korma for the Chick, Lamb Murgabee for His-nibs and Seafood Ginger Acharee for moi, with Pilau rice and a portion of rice flavoured with cumin – which our waiter said was amazing with the seafood dish I ordered. We also decided to have a Garlic Nan Bread too, to mop up the sauces.

When our mains arrived I was glad that my flock have voracious appetites, they don’t mess about with skimpy portions at this establishment let me tell you reader. The korma had lovely chunks of lamb in so my little chick tucked straight in, mixing her rice in with the sauce as she likes to do. She said that it was very tasty and creamy, and was happy with her choice. The Man was equally pleased with the amount of Lamb in his Murgabee dish, and I have to confess to grabbing a sneaky beakful for myself -  the lamb was incredibly tender and had so much flavour it burst onto my taste buds with a  “Ta Dah” ! It was a dish that whilst being fairly spicy didn’t have you reaching for any available liquid to bring yourself relief. My own curry has won awards for the restaurant and it was easy to taste why. The fish was firm and cooked to perfection, and the seafood was also expertly cooked to retain its juiciness and flavour. Again, it has a fair amount of heat to it but not that you’d really notice any uncomfortable tingle from, and it didn’t overwhelm the delicate flavours of the fish at all. Quite clever really, when you think about it – I guess that’s why they are the experts in their cuisine. The rice was lovely, not greasy and bland at all, and the one flavoured with Cumin did go exceptionally well with my dish. At this point you’ll have to excuse me dear reader as I go into raptures about the Nan bread - yes, really. I know, I know Nan bread is Nan bread, right? Normally yes, but on this occasion it was elevated to something like the edible equivalent of Louboutins or Jimmy Choos - and girls you know how fab they are. The Garlic was just enough that you got that beautiful sweet delicate flavour of the herb, not the over-powering blast that can be the norm, and it was just SO incredibly light in texture, no grease at all in sight. Honestly, I know I sound a complete fruit-loop, but trust me when you have one of these yourselves you’ll know what I mean. I could eat one of these delicious breads every night of the week year round, and never tire of them.

Right, moving swiftly on before you all starting chirruping for the birds in white coats to carry me off to the nutty nest.......

The Boy Wonder carried the flag for our flock by ordering a dessert, even if it was only ice cream. Chickadee and I were full to bursting so we watched the Male tuck into his sweet.

The staff were all very smartly dressed in black and white uniforms and the standard of service throughout the evening was excellent. It was nice to see other families in dining together as well as couples and groups of friends. The restaurant has a really nice ambience to it, so you will have a splendid night out should you choose to visit Mumbai Masala - and I strongly suggest that you do. “Hot Wings “ go flying out to the “MM“ team.

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