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Curds & Cheese From The Teesdale Cheesemakers

Published On Saturday 12 May 2018 by Sticky Beak
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It’s no secret that I love cheese, something The Man bird knows only too well! Yet again, he proved that my agreeing to marry him was the best decision I made as he came over the threshold bearing some goodies from Teesdale Cheese makers.

Pancake Day is a big thing in our nest, so I was in the kitchen making pancake after pancake. A variety of sweet things were being slathered onto the pancakes; Golden Syrup, Honey, Nutella, and Vanilla Ice Cream. I’m not averse to sweet things on them, but really do like a savoury filling if one is available.

Enter my saviour for 2018 - Teesdale Cheese makers’ Ginger Curd. It has the light texture of curds and the zing of Ginger to it, so I scooped up a tablespoon of it and plonked it on my fresh, hot pancake. As it melted the creamy curds softened and dispersed over the surface, so I just had to roll it up and get my knife and fork ready :)

The slight tartness of the curds cut through any cloying tendency of the pancake to produce a match made in heaven. His Nibs had a cheeky nibble too and was impressed with the combination; it was so nice we made another one, just to be absolutely sure how tasty it was! I am looking forward to trying the other goodies The Boy Wonder brought me, but my tummy is fit to burst right now, so I’ll have to wait for another day :)

The following day I had a lovely, nutritious lunch; a tortilla wrap filled with sliced Avocado, White Hilton Cheese with just a smidge of Ajika’s Green and Mild paste. The White Hilton has won 2 stars from the Great Taste Awards, silver in the World Cheese Awards, bronze in the Artisan Cheese Awards, and Best in class at the Yorkshire Show - not bad eh? It is lovely and creamy to taste with a nice bit of bite to it, and I ate the rind too which gave it a bit more texture :) It went very nicely with the Avocado, and the tiny amount of Green and Mild paste added some extra oomph without over-powering the other ingredients.

To round off the tasting I sent the Man Bird to buy some digestive biscuits which got slathered with the Lemon Curd soft cheese and I can confirm what Allison told us, it tastes just like Lemon Cheesecake!  :)