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New Gluten Free Cookies From Artisan Biscuits Of Ashbourne

Published On Tuesday 10 Apr 2018 by Sticky Beak
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Well, what a productive day that’s been! It began with a delicious breakfast of freshly baked Croissants and artisan Marmalade (from Seren’s Kitchen) with fresh brewed coffee - just the stuff to fuel a body up for some serious graft in the garden :)

It’s well known that women make THE best multi-taskers so whilst I was gardening with The Man Bird I was also making a roasted pepper soup and slow cooking a Pork Belly with the Sweet Beet Company’s Oak Smoked Apple butter!

We were making a lot of headway with a particularly troublesome section of the hedge, and having come to a suitable point in proceedings, we decided to stop and have a cuppa and snack. His Nibs had met the team from Artisan Biscuits of Ashbourne at the Fine Food Show North at Harrogate, and they had kindly plied him with some Gluten free cookies from a new line they’ve developed.

As you know, I often begin with good intentions and then my gluttony takes over; yep, gluttony 1-Sticky Beak 0 yet again! We had intended to just have one cookie between us, the beautiful looking Rainbow Nation. This cookie is a classic vanilla number with milk choc chips in and decorated with smartie-esque sweets. Well, it was so light and delicious that it had got gobbled in double jig time! The vanilla hint was lovely and smooth, with a fab amount of creamy chocolate in that melted in the mouth. Yum, yum, yum :)

With a lot of the cuppa still left to drink we made the executive decision to scoff another one of the cookies, fully intending to leave one for the afternoon. Chocolate Box Brownie tasted as marvellous as it sounds! The Artisan Biscuits of Ashbourne team take oodles of the finest dark Belgian chocolate and cocoa powder (just in case it isn’t chocolatey enough, y’know?!) and transform it into quite possibly the most divine morsel to pass my lips for elevenses. I couldn’t believe the light texture again, but it benefits from this fact as the richness of the chocolate could make it a belly beast without it.

Given the fact that two yummy cookies had been demolished (which is very piggy), I’m going to throw His Nibs under the bus and say that he finished this second morsel before me; not that I can really hide my greed, can I? Anyhow.... he was a very naughty boy, as it was he that suggested we have the third and final cookie there and then. Bit late to show restraint really, wasn’t it? Nothing for it then but to scoff the last cookie - I know, I’m bad!

Salt Lake Caramel is just scrummy. Seriously, that’s all you need to know. It actually was salty and sweet at the same time and was simply ruddy fantastic. The alchemy of blending salted caramel, dark and milk chocolate chunks, golden syrup and clotted cream has well and truly been mastered in the Artisan Biscuits of Ashbourne kitchens :) I challenge anyone to resist this beauty - I know we won’t be able to, having tasted it.

If ever you need taste tasters... *ahem*, we aren’t that far away guys #justsaying !!

I’m just going to say that we did skip lunch though, so we did mitigate our guilt a little bit I think :)