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Cakes & Bad Ass Brownies From The Bake Shed

Published On Tuesday 27 Mar 2018 by Sticky Beak
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I figured that healthy eating deserves a day off on Valentine’s Day, and not one to do things by halves I lined a day of unabashed gluttony up.  Having said that, my conscience did get the better of me, so instead of breakfast AND goodies, I just went straight to the goodies (less calories).

The Bake Shed is a company from Wales that is making a name for itself thanks to the range of cakes and brownies it produces. Wanting to ease myself into my day of gluttony gently, I kicked things off with a wodge of the Carrot and Vanilla cake. This beaut was a moist, gently spiced slice of heaven; there was some nice crunch provided by the Walnut pieces and a superb frosting capped it all. Sometimes there is a tendency to go overboard with the frosting which just overwhelms the carrot cake underneath and makes it cloying; The Bake Shed dodges this pitfall very skilfully. So, no “tooth tingle”, just a very nicely balanced slice of yumminess :)

Next up was the Black Cherry and Almond slice, which like the Carrot cake was lovely and moist. It was really tasty and the jam was wonderfully fruity, contrasting nicely with the rounded Vanilla sponge. The toasted Almonds on top gave some great texture to the cake and a nice nuttiness.

My beady eyes had spied the Gluten free luxury Caramel cake, and I dived straight in with total abandon. The shortcake base was fabulously crumbly and buttery; everything it should be. I loved the rich, gooey caramel layer (which was nice and deep!), but what won my heart was the thick chocolate layer that cracked very loudly when I bit into it. Getting technical, the ratio of caramel: biscuit was spot-on so that it was nice and moist in the mouth; some varieties are stingy with the caramel and it just makes them dry and claggy in the mouth. Top marks Bake Shed!

The Bake Shed had included a couple of their “Bad Ass Brownies” for me to try as well, so I stuck the kettle on and headed in to round two. The Chocolate Orange brownie was simply gorgeous; a slice of gooey, chewy paradise. The Orange was nicely discernible but not too much, and there was a layer of soft Chocolate on top that really made this slice stunning to eat.

The finale came via the Belgian Chocolate Brownie, and what a masterpiece it was. Very, very moreish is the simple description of this. It was as if you had popped some Belgian Chocolate into your mouth with its silky richness, and gorgeous gooey texture. Velvet in the mouth is how His Nibs described it, and never were truer words spoken.

Welsh Wonders is what these morsels were - happy Valentine’s Day everyone :)