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Sampling Cakes From The Tasty Cakery in Bakewell

Published On Tuesday 13 Mar 2018 by Sticky Beak
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They say it’s a small world and The Man Bird found this out when he was having a wander around at the Harrogate Fine Food Show. Having done his day job all morning, His Nibs went to stretch his legs out at lunchtime and stumbled across the Tasty Cakery team who run a cafe in Bakewell called Because I Like It.

At Bakewell they offer a range of gluten free, dairy free, and vegan options; even winning 2 stars in the 2017 Great Taste Awards with two of their cakes - Lemon Drizzle, and Bakewell Tart. Clearly The Man Bird was in full charm mode as he came home absolutely laden with a variety of yumminess for me to sample!

First up was the award winning Lemon Drizzle cake, and what a total corker to kick things off with J Its clean zesty flavour bounces around the mouth in no uncertain terms, and I really couldn’t get over how wonderfully moist it was. This cake had a lovely texture to it that you really wouldn’t associate with something gluten-, and dairy-free. I have to admit that I always have one eyebrow slightly cynically raised when it comes to gluten- free products, some of them still don’t “taste right” or have the same chewability. I was pleased to be wrong on this occasion, howeverJ

Having sweetened me up (no pun intended), the second item His Nibs sliced up was the gluten free, fat free, vegan, sugar-, and sweetener-free Fruit loaf. At this point I shall confess to thinking “well, what the chuff HAS it got in it then?” as no doubt some of you are too. It has an abundance of fruit in it for a start and a great hint of spice too, and it has a fabulously dense, satisfying texture when bitten into. I loved this, much to my surprise, and was reminded that you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

After having shocked me, it was time to sample something a bit more familiar; Ginger Flapjack. Except it wasn’t flapjack as you generally know it, this little minx is vegan, gluten free, and dairy free. Blimey, it’s fab! Finger lickingly gooey (and then some!) and with a great Ginger hint to it, this oat-packed morsel has pieces of crystallised Ginger in it too, to keep you wanting moreJ

Another cake that is vegan, gluten-, and dairy-free is the Banana loaf, which like the Flapjack is brilliantly moist. It has a lovely sweet taste thanks to the Banana in it, and has a lovely, springy texture to it.

I made myself useful and stuck the kettle on to make another brew whilst The Boy Wonder sliced up the Orange and Almond cake. This had a gorgeous light, airy texture to it and it was very pretty to look at thanks to the fine flecks of Orange zest in it. For something gluten-, and dairy-free it was wonderfully light and moist; I really shouldn’t be surprised, after all the Tasty Cakery team had more than proved themselves at this juncture! Personally, I loved the flaked Almonds on top; they gave a fab textural element to the cake :)

The final morsel to try was the other 2 star, Great Taste Awards 2017 winning Bakewell Tart. Normally this comes as a tray bake, but for the purpose of the Harrogate Fine Food Show had been done in a smaller round tart form. The pastry was wickedly crumbly and had a nice layer of jam on the bottom, then a superb Frangipane layer, light sponge and a generous scattering of flaked Almonds on top. This gluten free temptation is quite simply a-ma-zing!!

Honestly, I was blown away by how incredibly moreish these cakes were; I’m not normally the world’s biggest fan of “free from” stuff, preferring to have it laden with everything and more! However, I bow down to the skill of The Tasty Cakery team, and will definitely be having a wander into Because I like It to sample their savoury offerings. There are also a couple of other temptations in the pipeline, which are having final tweaks made to them; Cinnamon and Pecan Streusel, and Caribbean Ginger Cake. I for one can’t wait for these to hit the shelves!!  :)

Currenty The Tasty Cakery don't retail direct to the public but you can visit the 'Because I Like It' cafe in Bakewell and purchase slices to takeaway or order whole cakes.