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Tasty Popcorn From The Great Stuff Company

Published On Tuesday 30 Jan 2018 by Sticky Beak
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THERE IS A GOD ....... well, there is when it comes to healthy, guilt free snack food anyway :). I am currently doing a full-on, booty shaking happy dance at this miraculous discovery. Who’d ever have thought that Popcorn, and I don’t mean the plain home-done stuff, could be incredibly tasty and good for you too?

The Great Stuff Company is the answer to everyone’s prayers; from serial snackers, movie watching munchers, and post workout gym bunnies. The popcorn comes in a variety of flavours, both salty and sweet, and I had the opportunity to try them out. These yummy little morsels are made from the finest ingredients that are grown according to organic standards; good for your conscience as well as your tum! Made with less fat, sweetened with no refined sugars (using Maple syrup instead), yet uncompromisingly great on flavour – what’s not to love?

The first variety to pass my lips was a sweet one; Vanilla and Raspberry with Maple Syrup. As well as the eponymous crunchy texture, the popcorn had a lovely mellow, creamy taste from the vanilla and an intense “pop” from finely powdered Raspberry. Seriously great stuff (pardon the shameless use of the company name!), and I was looking forward to trying the next specimen.

I always say that life should be balanced, so where there was sweet there had to be salty, right? Never in my life would I have partnered popcorn with Onion and Chive, and I raised an eyebrow in suspicion to be perfectly honest. Having scoffed it, I can say that for something so strange sounding it worked really nicely. The taste was quite subtle, so no issues with post mastication pongy breath, and it was delicately savoury rather than being full-on salty. Another thumbs up given here at Beak HQ.

Third up was another variety of sweet popcorn, this time Sweet Cinnamon with Maple Syrup. This is a sweet toothed snack addicts dream come true. If you’re on a strict diet regime but sugar cravings are determined to sabotage all your efforts, then this is your saviour. The Cinnamon gives a lovely sweet hint all on its own, but the additional punch from the Maple Syrup really makes this a guilt-free treat. At only 81 calories per bag (20g) it is easily incorporated into daily calorie allowances.

The unanimously voted piece-de-resistance was the Sweet Cocoa and Maple Syrup popcorn. This really is the ultimate in sweet tooth busting, thanks to exceptionally generous amounts of Cocoa powder coating each piece of Popcorn. My mouth was filled with the intense chocolatiness of this, and the pleasure centre in my brain sighed in ecstasy. A-ma-zing is the only word for it!!

On the company website you can buy the popcorn in packs of 10 (£13.20) or 20 (£23.25) with free UK delivery. The best bit is that you can have a mix of varieties when you purchase them this way, or you could just have one variety if you wanted. Hot Wings well deserved here!!  :)