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Cooking With Lime Tickle From The Chilli Jam Man

Published On Monday 29 Jan 2018 by Sticky Beak
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There’s a new pop up restaurant in town!! Well, no there isn’t because it would only serve one dish, which would soon lose its sparkle; but the point is that I HAVE COOKED. Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you dear reader, The Beak has actually cooked!!

You may recall that I have reviewed, and consequently become a fan of, The Chill Jam Man’s products. The Man Bird went to a food and drink trade show for his day job and Simon (Chilli Jam Man) was there. The two got yapping (worse than women, they really are!) and Si just happened to mention that he’d been cooking with the Lime Tickle pickle. I love this stuff, but be warned – it isn’t for the faint-hearted or for amateur spice food tasters.

Armed with the recipe His Nibs came swooping back to the Nest with said Lime Tickle and said “let’s get cooking”. I always say that the key to a good dish is to start with the best ingredients, so having got a fab base for the sauce I hopped along to Alfreton butchers, Percy Dawes. I regularly get my supplies from here (including the festive Turkey), so they were the guys to furnish me with a dozen Chicken Thighs - proper meaty beasts they were too.

I put the requisite amount of Lime Tickle in one of my sturdy casserole dishes, added a couple of cans of Coconut milk, plenty of sliced onion and left it all to marinate about 6 hours. I bunged it in the oven at 140 degrees for an hour and a half, added sliced peppers and then turned it up to 200 degrees to evaporate some liquid for half an hour.

I have to say it is delicious! We called it “Chicken Tickle” here at Beak HQ, partly in homage to Simons Lime Tickle pickle, but also ‘cos it really does tickle the old taste buds. The Limes are no longer sharp in taste, as they mellow with cooking and take on some of the creamy coconut milk softness ;the Coconut taste also diminishes (perfect if you’re not a huge fan of that taste i.e. The Man Bird). You still get that great punchiness though and lovely chilli warmth; you can easily play with ratios of Pickle: Coconut Milk to get the perfect taste for you and your family.

Genius idea Simon, and thank you for giving us a jar of Lime Tickle to experiment with :). Thanks too to the team at Percy Dawes, the Chicken thighs were even bigger than mine- and that’s going some! :)