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Loubys Licensed Restaurant
Alfreton, Derbyshire
01773 832375
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Breakfast At Loubys, Alfreton

Published On Saturday 12 Jul 2014 by Sticky Beak
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Well dear reader, once again the baby chick left me and the Hubster to our own devices, so after we had done the grocery shopping we were feeling a bit peckish and decided to find some tasty crumbs for Breakfast. Loubys had been at the fringes of our minds for a while but for whatever reason we hadn’t gone our feathers in flight until this weekend. Anyhow, we perched ourselves at a table and examined the menu and within a few seconds one of the staff came over to make sure the table was clean (it was) and wiped it down again. The Man Bird ordered the full English breakfast with beans, not tomatoes, and also ordered an additional Hash Brown. I plumped for the Small Breakfast with Tomatoes, not beans, and ordered an additional Black Pudding Slice. We also ordered a pot of Tea each.

Whilst waiting for our Breakfasts to arrive, I had a look at the decor, being a sticky beak and all that! The owners have chosen a warm neutral Cream as the foundation of their interior and this is accentuated with red chairs and wooden top tables. On the back wall there is a mural artfully done in Black depicting a wine glass with wine pouring from it in the form of a quote.

It wasn’t long at all before our plates were placed before us with a cheery smile from the waitress, and we tucked in with much gusto. The Bacon was lovely and thick, very tasty and nice and crisp on the edges, perfect start so far. The eggs were cooked very well, lots of juicy yolk oozing on our plates waiting to be scooped up with our toast, and my Black Pudding was a nice thick slice and of a good quality. I always think that a Breakfast Sausage should be fairly thin, more of a Chipolata than a Banger and the ones at Loubys hit the spot brilliantly. Everything had been placed on the plates, not just slopped on, and it was all piping hot too. One little detail that I liked too was the fact that they provided little scissors on a plate with the sauce sachets, so you don’t have to fiddle about tearing the packet and dripping some on you if the perforation hasn’t quite been done right in the factory.

So I can happily say that you won’t be disappointed if you find yourselves at Loubys in Alfreton wanting Breakfast. They also do meals throughout the day, and They had a speciality night advertised for Late on in July, that had already sold out, so I think they must be doing  that right too.

The final thing I feel warrants mentioning, and it has nothing to do with food, is that the next table from us had been reserved. An elderly couple came in and sat down, neither of them were great mobility wise and the Gentleman was a little hard of hearing. When the waitress asked him what he would like the man hadn’t heard, but rather than start speaking loudly the waitress crouched down at his side and repeated her question with a smile. The Gentleman smiled back and stated what he would like. Now, I know it probably doesn’t seem like much to a lot of people, but seeing the exchange in person was just one of those lovely moments that often go unnoticed. Plus I think it demonstrates the quality of the staff at Loubys too, and the standard of service that you can expect.

Nicely done Team Louby, nicely done.

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