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The Hilcote Country Club
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Sunday Carvery At The Hilcote Country Club

Published On Thursday 29 Aug 2013 by Sticky Beak
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Well there I was, twiddling my feathers and feeling slightly despondent after our nest guests had left. The quandary of what to have for Sunday lunch was looming large, and I couldn’t really be bothered to do much if truth be told. Luckily the boy wonder is a mind reader and he suggested going to The Hilcote Country Club for their Sunday Carvery. He duly got on the telephone a la Busby (those of a certain age will remember this little birdie - those younger than 30 - Google it!!) and made a reservation for 2 pm. The sittings are timed at 30 minute intervals from Midday until 2.30pm, to maintain a steady flow of patrons.

Since the last time I had been there the reception area has had a new lick of paint, which has brightened the place up no end. The bar/reception area was still busy with guests that were from the 1.30pm lunch sitting, such is the popularity of the Carvery, but we were attended to very quickly by a friendly barmaid. Drinks were purchased to have whilst we waited for our seating to be shown to us in due course, and the man paid for our Carveries at the same time (£6.45 for adults, £5.45 for O.A.Ps and £3.95 for children under 12).

In no time at all we were shown to our table by one of the waitresses, who again were very friendly. All the meats on display (Turkey, Beef, Pork, Lamb and Gammon) looked delicious and when the manbird said he couldn’t decide which to have he was informed that he could choose 2. At this point I just want to say that the warm plates are placed on a little tray for you to carry without fear of hurting your fingers - handy if you have younger members in your flock. A Yorkshire pud, stuffing ball and parsnip are added to your plate at this juncture if you want them, and then...... there is a huge counter filled with every sort of vegetable you could wish for. Heaven for hungry birds!!!!

Condiments and sauces are on a separate little table at the end of the hot counter for you to help yourself to.

I should also mention the dining area itself because it really is lovely. There are exposed beams and discreet lighting that create a relaxed atmosphere in which to eat; just the ticket for a lazy, laid-back Sunday afternoon. I also liked the grand piano in one corner of the room too, imagining myself to be in the faded grandeur of a country hotel (well, no harm dreaming of being whisked away for a weekend retreat - hint, hint hubster).

Myself and the man had full crops at this point but my little chick is having a growth spurt and despite having demolished a plate of food that was Mount Everest-esque in proportion, she still had room for dessert. Luckily there was a varied assortment of hot and cold options to choose from, all very reasonably priced at £2.50 (which you just pay your waitress directly for at the table).

In short, we had a wonderful Sunday Lunch at The Hilcote Country Club, and can thoroughly recommend it to all, whether just a couple or families of any size and age range.

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