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The Lotus Lounge
Alfreton, Derbyshire
01773 830878
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Dinner At The Lotus Lounge, Alfreton

Published On Sunday 3 Apr 2016 by Sticky Beak
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It’s been an age since we last visited the Lotus Lounge Chinese Restaurant in Alfreton, and The Chick decided that she would like to have her pre-holiday/birthday family meal there.

The Tribal Elders have been well behaved lately so we thought they might like to come for an outing too, especially my Daddy Bird as he hasn’t been before (Chick and her Nana Bird have been together before). For a Thursday night it was already quite busy when we got there at 7pm and there was a lovely buzz from other tables to soak up.

Our server brought a lovely big basket of Prawn Crackers for us to share whilst we decided what dishes we were going to have for our sharing starters. For the first round of starters we had Crispy Duck with Pancakes, Chicken Satay Skewers, Vegetable Spring Rolls and Sesame Prawn Toasts, which were all very tasty.

I love the Duck at Lotus Lounge because you get plenty of meat, spring onion and cucumber to put in the pancakes so you can make a really meaty roll to savour. It didn’t take my Flock long to demolish those morsels and our server came to ask if we would like more starters or if we wanted to go to the main course selection.

We chose to have some more starters, but none of us chose the soup which surprised me; instead we ordered some Yuk Sung, some more Satay Skewers and more Spring Rolls, all of which were duly munched with great enjoyment.

For our main courses we chose Sweet and Sour Chicken, Deep Fried Mongolian Lamb, King Prawn with Green Peppers and Black Bean sauce and King Prawn Curry with lots of Egg Fried Rice with Peppers and Spring Onion.

The Sweet and Sour is a punchy affair with plenty of vegetables in it too and a nice robust sauce that has lots of taste to it, so that soon got chirrups of delight from us all.

I always order the Mongolian Lamb dish at Lotus Lounge as it is full of flavour and isn’t overly greasy; the lamb has it’s layer of fat on the edge but you can cut it off , as I do, to save eating extra fat. My Daddy Bird was feeling adventurous and he decided to try a mouthful, being very pleasantly surprised with how much he enjoyed it. By then he was on a roll and tried a bit of the King Prawn Curry too, again he really enjoyed it as it wasn’t too hot for his taste buds.

All the dishes had plenty of meat or Prawns in them so they really do satisfy your appetite very well. As you can imagine, there was only a few grains of the rice left on our table when we had finished J

We decided not to have more main courses as we wanted to have dessert. I had my usual fresh Lychees in Syrup (although I was tempted to have the Apple Fritter), the Man had Banana Fritter, as did my Mummy Bird, and The Chick and my Daddy Bird both had Ice Cream.

Yet again, we had a lovely evening at the Lotus Lounge with James and his team. Hot Wings heading back their way

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