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The Rutland Arms
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
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Rock & Roll Burgers At The Rutland In Chesterfield

Published On Tuesday 19 Jan 2016 by Sticky Beak
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Man Flu has a lot going for it really; a) the drama of The Boy Wonder convinced that the end is nigh, b) realising that actually he isn’t going to fly off this mortal plane and needs to eat, c) not fancying what I am planning to cook for dinner but not feeling brave enough to tell me, which leads to d) asking for suggestions as to where to eat on a small budget, but whose food is tasty.

Luckily you, our amazing readers, came up with a plethora of suggestions and it was the tempting burgers on offer (the bottle of wine had me sold, I’d had a lot to deal with in the previous 48 hours) that swayed us to visit The Rutland Arms in Chesterfield. They do a brilliant offer of two burgers or hotdogs and a bottle of wine for two for £19.95.

We parked at the “doughnut”, and walked past Eyres and up the next side street, so it’s really conveniently located in the town. The pub itself is a lovely traditional pub and you go up a small set of steps to the eating area. There was a roaring coal fire in full blaze and our table was nice and near to it, just the thing when you’re recovering from Man Flu or if you’ve been out on a cold winter evening.

The Gourmet Burger and Hotdog menu is fantastic; it’s very colourful and centred around themes so it has a trendy feel to it and it is really easy to navigate too. I eventually decided to order a burger called “The King” which is slow cooked pulled Pork rubbed with Cajun spice and topped with fried onions, melted cheddar and smoky BBQ sauce.

His Nibs also plumped for a burger, although he was seriously tempted by the thought of a giant ‘dog with a 12” sausage as its centrepiece. The “La Bamba” burger is a 6oz beef burger topped with beef chilli and sour cream, with tomato salsa on the side. All the Hotdogs and Burgers are served with salad, homemade chips, ‘slaw and onion rings.

We didn’t have long to wait before our server brought the steaming hot food to us, and it smelled delicious. My pork was lovely and tender with a nice hint of spice to it that didn’t overwhelm its natural creamy taste, and there was just a nice amount of Onions too which again didn’t dominate the dish. Gooey melted cheese and a lovely smoky sauce rounded the burger off beautifully, although I couldn’t contain it all within the Brioche bun, so I ended up using my cutlery to salvage escapee bits of meat from my plate.

The chips were nice and soft, not greasy, just comforting little pillows of potatoey loveliness, and the onion rings were nice and crispy too. The Man was enjoying his piece of comfort food heaven too, he declared that it was just the thing to chase flu blues away. I had a peek at his pattie and it was indeed a very satisfying beastie; it would’ve been rude not to sneak a quick taste of the chilli as well whilst I was there and I can say that it was a really beautiful chilli.

We finished our burgers and patted our tummies in happiness, they were nicely podged. We had a little natter as we sipped at the wine. Actually, that’s not quite accurate; The Boy Wonder sipped at his small glass of wine, I was nearer to glugging it. Well it was a very cheeky Pinot Grigio rose, and jolly nice it was too. I should just say that included in the offer was about a dozen choices of wines rather than the usual choice of a house white, red or rose, so we were quietly impressed.

As we looked at the pudding selection the Handmade Dime Bar Cheesecake caught our eye; the creamy Vanilla cheesecake is packed with chunks of Dime on a chocolate biscuit base. Another winner was the Caramel Apple Pie with its juicy apples layered with smooth custard and caramel toppings on a pastry base.

We decided to go halves on the desserts so that we could sample both ourselves and opted to have pouring cream with the Cheesecake and custard with the Apple Pie. I started on the Caramel Apple Pie, and it was delicious. There was plenty of apple and a nice rich caramel, and the custard was piping hot too.

When His Nibs sampled it he was equally impressed by it and the fact that it was a generous portion size went down well. There’s nothing worse than stingy portions when you’re poorly and needing comfort food. I was amazed by the size of the cheesecake, it was at least 3” deep and the biscuit base was a good 1 and a half cm deep too. There was plenty of Dime Bar to chomp on and the cheesecake itself was lovely and creamy, so again this got the thumbs up from us both.

We didn’t have coffee to finish as we had to pick the Chick up from a friend’s house and didn’t want to be late, but if we’d had more time we would’ve quite happily settled in a bit longer in front of the fire.

Throughout the evening there was a steady stream of people coming in, both to drink at the bar and also to come and have a bite to eat. All the staff were very friendly, and the chef even came out to ask if people were enjoying their food which I thought was a nice touch. The premises were nice and clean and there was a nice atmosphere too. Hot Wings ahoy to The Rutland Arms team.

If you haven’t been before dear reader, and fancy somewhere a bit different it’s definitely worth checking it out. The other menu looked equally tempting, so we will no doubt be back in the near future ourselves :)

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