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Breakfast At Marsh Green Farm, Ramblers Rest Cafe

Published On Saturday 2 Jan 2016 by Sticky Beak
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New Year, new venue; has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Saturday mornings are meant for breakfast indulgences and so The Boy Wonder was tasked with finding somewhere nice to munch that we hadn’t visited before. Credit where it’s due he did find a little beauty in Marsh Green farm shop and cafe after having done a fair bit of searching, and thank you to those of you that suggested other places; we shall endeavour to visit those later on in the year.

Marsh Green is a working farm as well as having its own shop, butchery and cafe on site and it was lovely to see the cows munching on the sweet haylage in their barns on the grey morning. You get to the cafe through the farm shop and go up some stairs to a lovely spacious barn style cafe that has a light airy feel to it with some nice “country” touches to the decor.

All the staff are very friendly and polite and it was good to see several other tables occupied as we sat down. We ordered two full Marsh Green breakfasts and a pot of tea each as well. As usual The Man and I had our eggs done differently; mine were scrambled and his were fried, and I had brown toast whilst he had white.

When our breakfasts arrived they were very gratifyingly full plates laden with Sausages, bacon, grilled fresh tomatoes, homemade black pudding, mushrooms, eggs, beans and the aforementioned toast. Everything was piping hot and the bacon deserves special mention due to its gorgeous sweetness, it was magnificent.

My scrambled egg had been done in a pan with butter, not just shoved in a microwave and nuked to within a millisecond of rubbery demise, and the fried eggs still had perfectly runny yolks to them with nice set whites.

His nibs was particularly enamoured with the sausages and soon polished them off, in fact he enjoyed them so much that I was uncharacteristically generous and passed him one of mine. Never let it be said that I don’t love him; giving up food is a sign of how much I adore him, although the black pudding was mine all mine!

The tea is served in individual teapots and is a loose leaf affair, so we let ours brew a small while longer. It was worth the wait though, I have to say; a proper golden, full-bodied brew passed our lips and we gave a little “aah” in appreciation. So all in all this was what you could call a very successful foray to somewhere new.

When we made our way downstairs to pay we were dazzled by the array of cakes and tray bakes on display and in a moment of fatherly devotion a slice of Triple Choc Brownie for the Chick was purchased to take back to the nest. As I type, the brownie is being devoured with chirrups of delight and is being given two thumbs up which means it is jolly good.

So if you haven’t been here before I can definitely recommend you pay a visit. They also do an afternoon tea at Marsh Green which needs to be booked at least 24 hours in advance, in case you fancy a later bite to eat.

A specials board was also on display in the cafe with morsels such as scampi, chips and peas, butternut squash and sweet potato soup and homemade quiche on offer, so there is always something yummy to eat.

First “Hot Wings” of 2016 have duly been awarded, well done to the Marsh Green team :)

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