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La Dourada @ The Golden Fleece
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
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Dinner At La Dourada @ The Golden Fleece

Published On Sunday 22 Nov 2015 by Sticky Beak
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With food blogging you never know where you’ll end up which is why I love it so much. Last night the Boy Wonder and I were the guests of the La Dourada team, so off we flew to Chesterfield. We parked at the town’s iconic landmark, “The Doughnut” and from there it is only about a 150 metre walk into the Golden Fleece pub that houses La Dourada.

Top marks for forward planning guys, I spotted the Christmas tree in the corner twinkling merrily away and the tinsel accents on the picture frames. There is an area solely for eating in but we sat in the middle room so there were a couple of tables as well as three primary coloured sofas that looked incredibly comfy to sit on. Some steps led down into the bar area and another seating area for eating so there is plenty of room to accommodate diners and drinkers alike.

I opted for 3 Tapas dishes from the Tapas menu; £12.95 for any three (excluding the paella) and chose Padron peppers with Goats cheese, Chorizo cooked in Red wine and Mussels cooked with onion, chorizo, fresh tomato and paprika. His Nibs decided he fancied the Hunters Chicken from the traditional menu, although he nearly changed his mind a couple of times as the Chilli con Carne, Steak Pie and Sirloin Steak all tempted him too.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the price of the traditional main courses, all £5.95 except for the Chicken which was £6.95. However, he couldn’t escape the pull of the Tapas selection so he ordered a portion of homemade croquets with Chicken and Mojo sauce dip (which had a great spicy kick to it).

My Tapas were, without exception, all piping hot and delicious; I loved the Peppers heat and the cheese tempered it beautifully with its creaminess, the chorizo was spicy and sweet and the wine sauce had me asking for some bread to mop it up :). The mussels seemed to be never-ending, which pleased me greatly as they were very moreish.

The Man Birds Croquettes were brilliantly crispy on the outside with a velvety texture to the inside and the Mojo dip was the perfect counterpart to the mild taste of the chicken. However, it was the Hunters Chicken that really stood out; the portion was very generous in all aspects from the size of the chicken breast to the two thick cut rashers of back bacon, cheese sauce and BBQ sauce on it. The chicken was lovely and moist and just melted on the tongue, and the BBQ sauce was just enough so that it didn’t overwhelm the cheese and other flavours.

At this point I shall confess to “permanently borrowing” a couple of the totally yummy homemade thick chips that were also on his plate and they were magnificently reminiscent of my Mummy Birds chips done in a proper chip pan.

Top marks so far so it will be unsurprising when I tell you that when our lovely waitress brought the dessert menu over we had no hesitation at all in ordering pudding. I chose Raspberry and Coconut slice with pouring cream while The Man opted for the Apple Shortcake with custard.

Both puddings were piping hot and very tasty. I really loved the sticky jammy bit on the bottom of my dish and you could distinctly make out the flavour of both the Raspberry and the coconut. His Nibs tucked into his pud with the usual gusto and was very impressed with the amount of apple in his dish. The shortcake was nice and crumbly and there was plenty of custard to savour. Again, the price of the desserts was a real wow factor - £2.95 and the lattes we ordered to round things up were only £2 each.

Next time Mummy Bird and I venture into Chesterfield shopping I think we may well pop into the Golden Fleece for lunch; a jacket Potato with side salad and choice of two fillings is a very purse friendly £5.50. As if that isn’t great value enough you could also have a toasted Panini or hearty thick sliced bread sandwich with homemade chips, side salad and choice of any two fillings for the really amazing price of £4.95; sometimes a city centre coffee can cost almost as much as that!

For quality of food, service and cleanliness of the premises I have to say we were very impressed. Chesterfield should be quietly proud of having a venue like this available to eat at. I would certainly recommend this to friends and family for both daytime and evening eating, and it represents great value for money. Hot Wings team La Dourada :)

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