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The Lotus Lounge
Alfreton, Derbyshire
01773 830878
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Dinner At The Lotus Lounge, Alfreton

Published On Sunday 28 Jun 2015 by Sticky Beak
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I mentioned my naughty streak in my previous review, and as if the delicious, bounteous Breakfast from Made@No.18 wasn’t enough, my gluttony surpassed itself when The Man and I found ourselves abandoned by the Chick (again). We had got a juicy piece of Steak ready to have for Saturday Dinner when I piped up “I can’t actually be faffed to cook. Shall we see if Lotus Lounge can squeeze us in for their all-you-can-eat Banquet?” For a split second I could see the bemused “are you joking“ look flash across The Boy Wonders handsome face before common sense (and greed) took over and he answered with a “Heck Yeah!”.

His Nibs made a quick phone call and yet again James came through for us and managed to accommodate my last minute whim with a table for 6.15p.m. When we arrived there were already a few groups in celebrating their occasions and within 30 minutes of us sitting down another very large group came in celebrating a Birthday. I always love to see family groups with all generations’ together, food should be sociable and happy in my opinion, and every time we’ve been to Lotus Lounge there have been some kind of celebrations happening.

You can order as many times from the starter selection as you like, all they ask is that you don’t waste food which I think is more than fair. The portion sizes are smaller than you would have from a takeaway, so you really can sample a wide range of dishes. For our starters we had Prawn Crackers, Mini Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Garlic and Spice Spare Ribs, Yuk Sung (Minced meat and nuts wrapped in Lettuce leaves), Crispy Duck with Pancakes, Chicken Satay Skewers and Chicken and Noodle Soup. All of them were very tasty and hot, as usual.

For our first selection of main course dishes we had Mongolian lamb, Crispy Chilli Shredded Chicken and a portion of Green Pepper and Spring Onion Fried Rice. They were, again, very tasty, and it didn’t take us too long to order some more tasty morsels. This time we had Beef with Hoi Sin sauce and Szechuan Chicken; the Beef with Hoi Sin was deliciously flavoursome and the Szechuan Chicken had a great amount of heat to it, just perfect. At this point we should probably have called it quits but we’d enjoyed the Hoi Sin Beef so much we wanted another portion and just couldn’t resist. If ever there is a sponsored will power event, please don’t rely on us to complete it!

No meal is complete without pudding, and let’s face it dear reader, any calories consumed at this juncture were kind of irrelevant so we dived straight in with Banana Fritter and Ice Cream for The Man and Lychees for me (counts as one of your 5-a-day, so Brownie points for me I think). As I am such an amazing Wifey Bird I drove that night and allowed The Boy a few bottles of Tsing Tao lager, again props to me I think.

James, I salute you and your team because no matter how busy it gets, you never stint on the level of service. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and eating and drinking with much gusto. “Hot Wings“ to you again team Lotus Lounge, it was great to be back with you J.

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