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A Little Tin Of Bat Poo From Gingerwick

Published On Tuesday 26 Mar 2019 by Sticky Beak
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The Man Bird and I had such a blast at The Fine Food Show North last year in Harrogate that we decided to return; well, he had no choice in the matter because he was there with his day job, but I went on the Sunday purely out of curiosity.

We contacted some of the exhibitors beforehand to see if they wanted us to sample their produce, but we didn’t reckon on the response we got! Seriously, it was so nice to get the massive positive responses that we did – apologies to those who I didn’t get round to seeing, there just wasn’t enough time!

I came back to the nest with bags full of goodies and couldn’t wait to see what I could do with some of the items. Luckily I’d met a lovely chap who, along with his daughter, had set up a really novel enterprise: selling little tins of poo; not real poop obviously, but chocolate covered raisins, small boiled sweets and honeycomb pieces.

The idea behind these cute tins is that kiddies can afford them on school trips; or folks can give them as novelty stocking fillers, or just as a treat for visiting grandkids, nieces, and nephews etc. They come in a wide range of animals – I had the little tin of.... Bat Poo. Rather apt I thought, as I am a bit of a scatty old bat!

As I was sorting through the various bags of food and drink I kept nibbling away on the chocolate raisins, and I must say that they were delicious. The chocolate surrounding the dried fruit is a nice quality which no doubt adds to their scoffability, and they are quickly satisfying for any sweet tooth. There are a range of creatures that will appeal to both sexes; Unicorns probably have more appeal to girls, whereas boys will perhaps favour the Dinosaur. Farmyard animals such as Pigs, Cows and Sheep also feature in the range, and everyone loves those, don’t they? Nature lovers will be happy to see Squirrels, Hedgehogs, Foxes, and Rabbits represented, and those living in Scotland have their own dedicated range called “wee tins of...” instead of “little tins of...”.

I just thought it was a quirky concept, and let’s face it, we all need something to brighten our day don’t we? These colourful little tins have great visual appeal on shelves, so much so that my empty tin quickly became a desk tidy for my pens and pencils. For more information on these products, head over to the website www.gingerwick.co.uk or phone Mike on 07738 883303. Thank you for brightening my day up, and the poo tasted rather nice.