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Dinner At The Cast Iron Bar & Grill, Breadsall Priory
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This is it, this is what my blog is all about, food reviews.

I only write good reviews, if I don't like somewhere then I don't write a review so have a read and give somewhere different a try next time you eat out.


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Dinner At The Sea Fish Restaurant, Ripley
Wednesday 17 Dec 2014  read review

Well dear reader, this is probably going to be the last blog before Christmas and therefore the last one of 2014. In the run up to Christmas we all get a bit "Turkey'd out", attending various parties

Dinner At Mumbai Masala, Alfreton
Thursday 27 Nov 2014  read review

Well dear readers, my little flock does love a good Ruby Murray as you know, and there are several great venues scattered around the Amber Valley. This months review comes to you from none

Lunch At Alfreton House Tea Rooms
Friday 31 Oct 2014  read review

Well dear reader, time seems to have overtaken me in the last few weeks! Anyhow, The Boy Wonder decided we deserved a break from the whirlwind of life and suggested a cheeky lunch time bite at

Afternoon Tea At Alfreton Hall Tea Rooms, Alfreton
Friday 26 Sep 2014  read review

Another jaunt out for afternoon tea occurred a couple of weeks ago, and jolly nice it was too reader. The venue in question this time was the very grand surroundings of Alfreton Hall.

Lindsay's Still Room, Allestree, Derby
Tuesday 23 Sep 2014  read review

Well dear readers what a refreshing change when someone is so confident and proud of their product that they send you a sample to try, safe in the knowledge that it will pass muster and get a review. Bravo I say, Lindsay's Still Room.

The Mayflower Chinese, Somercotes
Friday 29 Aug 2014  read review

My flock are , as you well know , ravenous pretty much 24/7. Over the summer holidays my baby chick and her friends have raided my food cupboards and gone through the contents like a plague of locusts

Granny Marys Potted Meats, Matlock
Tuesday 19 Aug 2014  read review

As you know dear reader, my flock have already sampled 2 of the delights that are Granny Marys Potted Meats, and were looking forward to meeting the team behind this product at The Bakewell Show earlier in August.

Afternoon Tea At The Makeney Hall Hotel, Milford
Sunday 17 Aug 2014  read review

Last week was National Afternoon Tea Week dear reader, a fact that I must admit to not knowing. However, it did coincide rather nicely with the fact that I had booked myself, The Boy Wonder

Dinner At The White Hart Inn, Moorwood Moor
Saturday 9 Aug 2014  read review

Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry dear reader. The Boy Wonder and I were booked in for a meal at another establishment who rang to cancel our reservation due to unforeseen

The Wessington Fish & Chip Shop
Sunday 3 Aug 2014  read review

I can't remember the last time I sat outside and enjoyed a Fish and Chip supper. Simple pleasures are often the best and with the glorious weather we have been blessed with recently the Boy Wonder and myself decided to give the Chippy at Wessington

Dinner At The Bay Leaf Indian, Heanor
Thursday 24 Jul 2014  read review

Don't panic dear reader I haven't lost my marbles just yet, well not all of them anyway! My flock looked at me a bit strange when I suggested going for a Curry, what with it being a smidge on the

A Visit To The Loaf In Crich for Breakfast
Wednesday 23 Jul 2014  read review

It will come as no surprise to you I'm sure, dear reader, to read that The Boy Wonder and myself have been back to The Loaf at Crich, as you know that we absolutely love their pizzas.

The Belper Food Festival 2014
Sunday 13 Jul 2014  read review

Last year I missed the Belper Food Festival due to unforeseen circumstances, so this year I was determined to go come what may. As you know readers, I am a total food-a-holic so the idea of a vast array of produce all within easy reach

Breakfast At Loubys, Alfreton
Saturday 12 Jul 2014  read review

Well dear reader, once again the baby chick left me and the Hubster to our own devices, so after we had done the grocery shopping we were feeling a bit peckish and decided to find some tasty crumbs for Breakfast.

Lunch At Fresh Basil, Belper
Friday 13 Jun 2014  read review

Sometimes a birdie just gets side-tracked doesn't she? I started out with very good, organised intentions - I honestly did. The mission was simple; pick up the boy wonders birthday cake from those clever peeps

Out For Lunch At Croots Farm Shop, Duffield
Saturday 31 May 2014  read review

I do so love a Bank Holiday Weekend, don't you? It started off fairly relaxed, mainly thanks to the weather not being kind enough to let me do what I wanted in the garden, so by the time Monday came

Dinner At Undal Indian, Ripley
Friday 30 May 2014  read review

Well, Sticky Beakers, I have once again been sampling some local Indian cuisine, courtesy of Undal Restaurant in Ripley. When the Boy Wonder suggests an opportunity for me to have a night off from

Dinner At The Lotus Lounge, Alfreton
Wednesday 30 Apr 2014  read review

The Fledgling had flown the nest for the night leaving the Man Bird and myself somewhat at a loose end. So we had a quick flick through the local restaurants and came upon The Lotus Lounge Chinese

Pizza Night At The Loaf, Crich
Monday 28 Apr 2014  read review

As you know dear reader, my little flock likes to try out different venues every now and then, and we have been meaning to try out Pizza Night at The Loaf in Crich for absolutely ages. We often get

Curry Club At The Greyhound Inn, Belper
Sunday 27 Apr 2014  read review

Well Bloggers, sometimes lady luck just shines on you, and when she does you say thank you very much and get on with the job in hand. The Greyhound were doing a Facebook competition to win a free

Dinner At The Oriental Palace, Ambergate
Monday 31 Mar 2014  read review

Well Sticky Beak bloggers, my little flock has been out and about again. The hubster and I were invited to the prelaunch opening of the Oriental Palace in Ambergate at the beginning of March

Dinner At The Greyhound Inn, Belper
Sunday 30 Mar 2014  read review

Well Sticky Beakers, you are not going to believe what I am about to tell you.......... it is with great surprise that I must concede defeat at the hands of food. Let me elaborate. Our little nest has been

Dinner At The Oriental Pearl, Clay Cross
Friday 28 Feb 2014  read review

As you know dear reader we are a tight-knit little flock that enjoy eating and socialising at any opportunity, so when my little chick got a fantastic school report it was the perfect reason to go out. We

Afternoon Tea At Rachael's Secret Tea Room
Friday 31 Jan 2014  read review

As you know readers, I'm the sort of bird that doesn't mind flying off the straight line Crows flight path every now and then ; so when the Hubster suggested a 'pop-up' tea room as part of