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Derbyshire woman leading the call for healthier snacks as she launches first kit of its kind in UK

Published On Friday 3 Aug 2018 by Sticky Beak
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A Derbyshire entrepreneur is taking the health food world by storm as she launches the first ever healthy snack kit of its kind in the UK.

Victoria Prince, who tries out all her ideas at a development kitchen in Ellastone, near Ashbourne, was so amazed by the health benefits of latest snack craze energy balls she wanted to create a way for people to make the goodness rich snacks easily and efficiently at home.

The former Derby College student, who first started her career arranging catalogue photoshoots for Thorntons PLC, based in Alfreton, has now launched online recipe kit www.energyballrecipes.com.

The kits are posted out each month with all the ingredients needed to make 30 of the delicious snacks effortlessly at home.

“I am really passionate about what goes in to food and making sure what we put in to our bodies is going to do good,” said Victoria, whose new range is being launched this month. “Energy balls are made up of all natural, fresh ingredients rich in all the nutrients our bodies need. They are a great healthy snack and I wanted to find an easier way for people to make their own.

“Due to the fact they are a small snack you often don’t need a great deal of each of the ingredients to make the energy balls. That is when I came up with the idea of packaging the exact ingredients you need to make what you wanted all in one handy box that arrives through your door. It means people can try all the different flavours and benefit from making their own healthy snacks without having to buy expensive, large quantities of each ingredient.”

Drawing on previous food business successes, where Victoria won the Rainforest Alliance Award for Ethical and Sustainable Supplier of the Year and New Business of the Year she will now be launching her range on Kickstarter.

All of her recipes are vegan and vegetarian friendly with the packaging completely plastic free and biodegradable making them good for the planet as well as your body.

“I am really excited about my new venture,” said Victoria, who is hoping the snack boxes will be rolled out across the country to provide healthy alternatives for school lunch boxes, offices, day trips or even commuters.

“It has the potential to open the door to so many new ways of creating healthy snacks. At the moment you can buy ready made energy balls but this will mean for the first time there is a simple and easy way to make 100% fresh snacks at home without needing to buy lots of ingredients.”

Each month there will be a new recipe box that can be posted out with all the ingredients and simple instructions to make 30 energy balls. They can be stored in the fridge for 7 days or frozen to be used when needed.

More information is available at www.energyballrecipes.com or via Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/