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31K - New Bar And Restaurant To Open In Nottingham Soon

Published On Tuesday 24 Jul 2018 by Sticky Beak
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31K is the name of a new bar and restaurant set to grace Goose Gate, Hockley. Its opening is scheduled for 31st August 2018.

A fiercely-independent project, managed by 5 close friends, will see the currently-derelict 31 Goose Gate property renovated, restored and re-purposed to house a 150-capacity bar. Lau and Catherine Wensink, Joe Hague, Scott Atchison, Will Chambers and Cory Chadwick have found a venue, empty for 15 years, in which to open a bar which is founded upon a mantra of great drinks and great food at fair prices.

Taking its name from the building’s original owner - T S Kaye & Sons - 31K will offer cocktails, draught beer and wine in an environment which stays true to its industrial heritage. Work is already under way to clean-up the original brickwork and introduce modern seating areas, with plans to construct a free-standing mezzanine also in place. A basement level, situated above the Goose Gate cave system, is also being redesigned as a speakeasy-style cosy.

Live music will be a feature of the ground-floor bar and a benefit of the space's versatility: a feature it is believed will help Nottingham's live music scene to remain strong for future generations. Music is set to be a central part of the 31K experience, hoping to fulfil the city's need for a small-scale, local venue.

Between 12-9pm, a wholesome food offering inspired by New York eateries will feature. Meatballs will be the focus of the menu: a simple 4-step ‘build-your-own’ meatball dish with various options of ball, sauce, carb and greens is set to be the brief. The menu will proudly stay 50% vegan at all times. The food offering will be made available to compliment the bar’s extensive drinks menu, available midday to midnight and all fairly-priced. The menu has been hand-picked and curated by the business owners who, incidentally, will be the only bar staff employed at the time of opening. The entire venture will be a labour of DIY-love, and one which everyone involved hopes will be welcomed to a thriving Hockley.