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Herradura Tequila launches Buy-the-Barrel at Nottingham's El Capo

Published On Wednesday 14 Mar 2018 by Sticky Beak
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Founded in 1870, Tequila Herradura is one of the oldest and most celebrated tequila brands; a Super Premium high quality 100% blue agave tequila. It is estate-bottled and made at the last true tequila producing Hacienda in the world. Each of the Herradura Tequila expressions is aged in bespoke raised virgin oak barrels, longer than the legal requirements, for a superior tasting profile. Its adherence to traditional production methods has given it an unrivalled reputation amongst tequila aficionados.

This month, Herradura will launch its “Buy-the-Barrel” program in the Midlands, where we will be celebrating El Capo’s first barrel purchase in Nottingham. The “Buy-the-Barrel” program offers industry customers the opportunity to personally select their own bespoke barrel of Herradura Double Reposado. At 40% ABV, this limited-edition tequila is made from 100% blue agave and aged in toasted oak barrels for 11 months, which results in a distinctive Reposado, a category invented by Herradura in 1974. This is then taken to another level with an additional month spent in a new toasted oak barrel, made specifically for this extra maturation. The resultant tequila has the exceptional smoothness and complexity sought after by tequila connoisseurs, with notes of cooked agave, dried fruits and sweet brown spice. As each barrel is completely unique - on account of differences in the oak and toasting levels – no two Herradura Double Barrel Reposados are the same.

Pete Skelton, owner of El Capo – a Nottingham based Mexican Cantina, which has one of the most extensive selection of tequilas in the U.K. (including blanco, reposado and anejo expressions from Herradura) – was invited to witness the process first hand at the Hacienda. Seeing the traditional production process of Herradura, the historical Hacienda and the sheer individuality that this program offers, he knew it was something he needed to offer el Capo’s guests. Following a rigorous sampling of individual barrels, Skelton selected a barrel which embodied el Capo’s profile. This barrel was bottled into 240 personalised and numbered bottles for shipment back to Nottingham. The bottles – and barrel – have now arrived and are ready to be opened and shared with El Capo’s Tequila-loving customers.

El Capo’s barrel is only the second barrel to have been shipped to the UK since the program started in 2016, making it a unique destination for Tequila lovers in Nottingham, The Midlands and beyond. Skelton recommends sipping the Herradura Double Barrel Reposado neat, to fully appreciate its complex flavour profile. El Capo is offering a 25ml measure of their selected Herradura Double Barrel Reposado at £5 and a 70cl bottle at £110.

According to IWSR (International Wine & Spirit Record) statistics, the size of the Super Premium Tequila category has more than doubled over the past six years and is forecasted to increase by more than 10% in the five year period between 2016 and 2021.