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New Tokyo! Trend Dishes 'Brewing' At Yo! Sushi @YOSushi

Published On Friday 19 Feb 2016 by Sticky Beak
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Bringing the taste of TokYO! to its kaiten belts nationwide from 8th March, YO! Sushi introduces two new food-trends to its menu offering their customers an authentic Tokyo street-food experience.

Feeling crepe? Why not try okonomiyaki. Just when you thought you had seen it all in the world of food, YO! Sushi introduces a quintessential Tokyo street food, that makes you ask “what the heck is that?”

Okonomiyaki is as popular in Japan as pizza. However, rather than being made of dough, the base is made from batter and CABBAGE served with a variety of toppings. This March, it’s TokYO! as okonomiyaki hits the kaiten belt for the first time – YO! Sushi’s version of this pancake/pizza hybrid is served with mayonnaise, katsu sauce, spring onion, aonori, beni shoga & katsuoboshi (that’s seaweed, ginger pickle and dried tuna flakes, to you and me!)

Okonomiyaki is a delicious and filling treat that compliments any of the 100+ dishes that are now available at YO! Sushi.

Turning left over rice into a meal by using a hot broth or even green tea has been a tradition in Japan for the past 500 years. New to its menu in March, YO! Sushi is introducing this very tradition.

Say hello to Chazuke, a Japanese rice dish prepared with hot broth. Made with a combination of Bonito (tuna) and Konbu (seaweed), this hot broth creates an ‘umami’ flavour, translated to ‘delicious essence’, yet, another tradition discovered in Tokyo. Going beyond the usual flavourings, umami saturates your taste buds giving you a ‘fifth taste’. Chazuke is served with nori, sesame paste, salmon & sea bass, oba leaf, yuzu koshu furikake seasoning & umami dashi.