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Revolucion de Cuba launch their summer menu in style

Published On Saturday 11 Jul 2015 by Sticky Beak
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The team at Revolucion de Cuba know how to create a great party atmosphere anyway, so when they invited us over to sample some new menu titbits and make Burritos and Cocktails with them we flew at the chance. Laura and Beth greeted us with their trademark smiles and showed us over to the area where the afternoon’s revelries were going to be. We were first there so we got some great shots of the spread the chef and his team had prepared for us all.

On the front row we have the Serrano Ham Bruscetta and the Nachos del Sol. Middle row is the Smoky Aubergine Quesadilla, Chicken Rumba Skewers and Mojo Chicken Quesadilla. Back row is the Cajun Cream Mushrooms and Albondiga Picante.

Every single one of these was just incredibly tasty, and everyone had their own favourites. The Boy liked the sourdough Bruscetta and said that the Serrano ham was top notch quality, but his Favourite was the Albondiga Picante - this is a supersized Beef and Pork N’duja meatball with a spicy tomato sauce. The sauce was a really gutsy number that set off the meatball perfectly, not like some tomato sauces that are lucky if they’ve got within 1,000 miles of a Tomato!

I couldn’t choose one dish that was my favourite; I actually had 3 that were equally fantastic in my opinion. The Cajun Cream Mushrooms were so incredibly good ( I had to stop myself from licking the bowl), and the Chicken Rumba skewers with their Lime, Soy and Pineapple marinade were beak smackingly yummy, and the Smoky Aubergine Quesadillas were really flavoursome. I knew the chicken quesadilla were very nice from previous experience but several people remarked at just how much flavour the Aubergine version had, there is the perception that it is a fairly bland vegetable. A special mention has to go to the Guacamole; it is super-fresh and has a great zing to it thanks to the generous squeeze of lime juice and fresh Chilli in it.

After the tapas had been demolished (which didn’t take us all very long, it must be said) it was on to our cocktail making session. Obviously some people had to drive so they couldn’t make the alcoholic versions, but that didn’t matter because there is a great selection of Mocktails to choose from. The Lavender Lemonade is a really pretty colour when it’s made up, and is also superbly refreshing. The Apple and Raspberry Mojito was also a popular choice to make, and again looked exceptionally attractive when finished; I have to admit to being biased when I say that The Man Birds was the best Mocktail to be made.

Yours truly decided to make a Stinging Honey Margarita as I do like a sneaky shot of Tequila now and then. This cheeky little number has El Jimidor Tequila in with Lime juice, Honey, Vanilla and some Chilli too. I like things a bit hot so I added a couple of extra dashes of Tabasco to my version - perfect!. There was much giggling and laughter during this part of the day, and some great banter between everybody.

All that remained was the Burrito making Competition. We suddenly all got serious and paid attention to every step that Dan the Chef showed us before donning our Revolucion aprons and going to our work stations. There was much sneaky peeks being done at our fellow competitors efforts (and also more than a few furtive mouthfuls of the pulled pork that didn’t quite make it onto the tortilla).

There were meat and vegetarian burritos made but I decided to be different and make a combo burrito which was all well and good until it came to be folded. There is a very specific way to fold the tortilla to make the Burrito and I did struggle a bit as there was so much filling in mine, however perseverance paid off and  I did make a fairly good example if I do say so myself.

When we had all finished Dan cast his expert eye over all the finished Burritos and declared His Nibs offering to be the Best Burrito. My little feathers fluffed out with pride, I can tell you dear reader. All the burritos went to the kitchen to be cooked and were then brought out to us to eat and I have to say that they were absolutely gorgeous. But then when you have top quality ingredients it’s always going to taste great and the Revolucion de Cuba kitchens only have the finest produce to work with.

Throughout the afternoon Laura, Beth and the kitchen, bar and floor teams were all incredibly attentive to everybody, and I think I can safely say that we all had a great time. Thank you for inviting us and we’ll be seeing you again soon no doubt.

Be sure to keep a close eye on the Revolucion De Cuba web site for up to date offers, at the moment they have Havana Good Time every Sunday with 2 for 1 on Tapas and Cocktails, they also have a Prohibition Party on the first Friday of every month with live bands and free entry.