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First attempt at Crispy Chilli Beef, with you-tuber Chow with Lau

Published On Sunday 24 May 2020 by Sticky Beak
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You all know that I’m not the greatest in the kitchen; fab at scoffing, not so hot at actually cooking! Well, I just want to say that miracles can happen. My old friend Michael Lau has recently launched his You Tube channel, niftily called ‘Chow with Lau’, that he uses as a platform to show us all how to make some of his favourite Chinese and Asian dishes.

The first tutorial is on Crispy Chilli Beef, something that I NEVER thought I’d be able to make in a million years, but Mike makes it look so easy that I thought “why not give it a bash?”. Long story short: I went and got the ingredients - nothing too troublesome to find - , watched the tutorial to break it down into steps (which I wrote in a notepad), and then cracked on in the kitchen whilst under the bemused (albeit slightly worried that he was going to starve that evening) presence of The Man Bird.

It wasn’t perfect, no surprise (I’m not gonna lie!);next time I need to slice my beef a bit thinner to get it uber-crunchy rather than crunchy in parts and semi-crunchy in others . The sauce however was bob-on, better than our local takeaway I reckon ;)!! I zhuzhed it up presentation-wise, to give it every advantage before His Nibs took his first bite; I figured if I could get him in a positive frame of mind to eat my cooking I’d pretty much won the battle.

Turns out that I needn’t have gone the extra mile, the dish was fine as it was! Thank you Mike for your great tutelage, you put things in an easily accessible way and explain it all simply. I really like the fact that ‘Chow with Lau’ comes from a regular domestic kitchen; there’s no sexing up of anything, so it really is like cooking alongside someone that knows what they’re doing. And Mike definitely knows what he’s doing – both his parents were Chefs!

Head over to You Tube, check out ‘Chow with Lau’ and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing. Hot Wings awarded to me (very smugly!), I did pretty damn good!!

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