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The School of Artisan Food launches new Therapeutic Baking course

Published On Sunday 11 Aug 2019 by Sticky Beak
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A new course at The School of Artisan Food is combining mindfulness techniques with the beneficial aspects of baking with the aim of building positive mental health.

Launching September 27, Therapeutic Baking aims to combine the joy of making real bread with the application of positive mental health approaches to provide the student bakers with the tools to help them manage stress and improve emotional wellbeing.

Ian Waterland, a School of Artisan Food baking diploma graduate himself and qualified mental health practitioner, has devised the course combining his love of artisanal baking with his mental health experience.

Ian said: “Over 30 years I have seen people struggle to improve their emotional health and wellbeing. When I discovered the joys of making bread I had a lightbulb moment - real bread was the perfect vehicle to apply the principles of maintaining good mental health.”

In the tranquil surroundings of the Welbeck Estate, the one-day course teaches ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ and other therapeutic techniques along with hands-on baking and technical demonstrations. After the baking process has worked its magic, students can take their loaves home to share amongst family and friends for an extra slice of happiness.

Ian will also be teaching students embarking on the UK’s first ever degree in artisan food production from September which is being delivered by the School in partnership with the award-winning Nottingham Trent University.

He added: “The opportunity to help teach the next generation of aspiring bakers and foodies is fantastic and really brings all of my skills gained over the years together.”

Ian’s unique approach to wellbeing will continue: “As the students will be making bread they will automatically be accessing some of the benefits of being productive and gaining the satisfaction of creating loaves; I can not help but embed wellbeing strategies into my teaching. Happy students, with a good sense of wellbeing, achieve good results”

To find more information on degree open days, the Advanced Diploma in Artisan Baking and short courses at The School of Artisan food visit: https://www.schoolofartisanfood.org/